happy 2011

I haven’t blogged in months :/ ah well Hapy New Year  everyone and i hope you enjoyed christmas =]

I spent christmas with my parents this year [booooooo] but made up for it by spending new years eve with laura and the baby. =] 2011 has been good so far, ive been eating really healthily and getting to work almost on time haha and ive been much more social and optimistic =]

If you follow me on twitter you witnessed my drunken tweeting haha. Last night i went to my brother Shauns engagement party. My older brother Danny and his girlfriend Laura picked me up and we went together [while Laura and i downed Vodka on the way haha ] and we had a good time for all of 10 minutes. We hadnt even been served at the bar before one of my mothers drunk friends came over and started annoying Danny, but being a gentleman he didnt argue or walk away he just forced a smile and was very polite to her. Then we got our drinks and ‘escaped’ outside for a cigarette and before one was even lit, my mother and her friend came outside and made nuisances of themselves. It would take me too long to go into why Danny doesnt speak to my mother but the short of it is – shes a bitch, she lied to him, ruined his life and does nothing but embarass him and cause him trouble. Anyhoo , so my mum starts crying and her friend stumbles on to her high horse and trash talks danny and forces him to hug my mother which he did to be polite and avoid conflict. My mother cried some more and shaun and i were stood watching her sob all over danny. Danny and Laura decided to be the bigger people and left, you see if they had stayed it would have left to danny losing his temper over being forced to reconsile his differences with mum and everyone would have argued and it would have ruined shauns night. Luckily my mum wasnt left off the hook because everyone got mad at her for being the reason danny left. She continued to get drunk and vomit in the middle of the pub. So me and shaun and katy got drunk, did kareoke and went to a club. The end.

Anyway, right now i am uplaoding new music on to my bb and trying to wrok out my online banking :/ Tommorow I am going to the gym finally to get back into it [i want to lose like 50lbs] and later this week i have to go have surgery bleaugh. I have a couple more nights out this month and then its february. ooooh what a thrilling life i lead haha i dont know why you bother to follow :p

How was everyones holidays? M xx


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