heaven has a vegan deli right?

Hey everyone! I found the italics button ;]

So right nooooow I am curled up on Declans floor playing on his macbook [i am most definately getting one of these suckers!] and occupying myself [tweeting ten to the dozen] while he doodles [finishes his designs for uni] and listening to music [he has lush taste in music! in the last 20 minutes my ears have been treated to BRMC, Nirvana, Paramore and No doubt and the cardigans haha.] .

It’s so nice to be here, it took me like 9 hours to get here haha but to be fair it only cost me £20 for my bus tickets to London and that’s getting me back to Stockton next week! So worth the long journey as it means we have more money to play with =]  There’s alot of things making me happy about being here, of course it’s great to have some time off work and get out of my little hometown, it’s a nice break and London is lovely, seeing Declan is great – especially down here in his other world and getting to see him work, i love his room and am enjoying going through all his stuff haha his drawings and his amazing clothes! It’s so good to be around so much art and inspiration and of course being in fashion he has a cool wardrobe haha!

Yesterday we stumbled across a Wholefoods market! I was super excited as they are to my knowledge quite rare within the uk and there are certainly none around my area! We went in and I was in HEAVEN! Yes… I asume Heaven has vegan cheesecake and Coconut water. I bought a reusable bag to carry my purchases and intend to use to encourage me to get back into buying healthy food again and carry on with my healthy eating. I am super excited to start when i get home, 2011 will really be the year I start to focus on food, start my nutritional courses and get some qualifications, get healthy again and back  to where i was, enjoy cooking and food, learn and have fun with it all!

And hopefully a wholefoods will open near my town so I dont have to travel all this way to get groceries or bribe declan to bring me back my tofu supply haha!

Where do you guys shop for food? M x


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