another post from the big haired crazy. =]

Hi there readers, browsers, friends and other imaginary folk I beleive read this. =] Happy November to you all! Can you believe how quickly this year has gone? It’s quite sad really that the year is ending and I feel I haven’t really acomplished much, but I hope 2011 will be more eventful and successful for me and maybe this feeling of unaccomplishment right now will spur me on in the new year. I even have my first new years resolution! Well to be honest I should really start it now unless I want to start the new year bald. I need to start brushing my hair haha! Honestly as I sit here right now I am fondling in my hair what feels like a giant squirre. In actual fact it is a big mass of kots and curls. Recently as my hair as been getting much longer and my curls becoming more defined and ringlet like, my hair care regime has involved washing on an evening, leaving to dry over night and brushing maybe once a week, ‘styling the mess’ with a bit of frizzease and hairspray for work. On a lucky day I can get away with it as it may be interpreted as a kind of cool hippy curly retro statement. But as the brushing is becoming less frequent and the hair is becoming larger and fluffier, I fear I resemble a crazy cat lady who has her feline friends roaming free in her hair. So perhaps i should befriend my brush a little sooner than in 2 months time haha.

Anyway enough about my wig. I want to chat about one of my favourite things [sadly enough thats not an exageration] …supplements. =] Working in Holland & Barrett I get paid to help people find the right supplements for them and spend most of my shift simultaneously learning and educating people about the some thousand supplememnts on offer. I of course go home with multiple bottles of pills and potions which causes distress to my mother as she cannot open a drawer or cupboard with vitamins and oils flying out at her. But I honestly believe in the benefits of nutrional supplements. Wether they work scientifically or mentally with a placebo effect, it doesn’t bother me as the end result is the same. They work. So I have alot of various pills , some that I swear by, some I only use occasionally and some I am still testing. So as I start up blogging again and continue to learn and talk about health and nutrition and all that fabulous junk, I will be sharing with you some of my favourite supplements and giving reviews on these types of products. If anyone has any pills that they take and would like to talk about please let me know! Or if you would like me to suggest anything you could take to treat any ailments just call me Nurse Maggie. Well you dont have to call me that haha just ask.

Also I have encouraged my good friend Meg to start blogging and I am really excited to see what she comes out with! I really want to encourage people to blog more, I know we live in the age of facebook and twitter etc but I don’t see alot of good blogs lately. The type where people sit at the computer and write a full article as ooposed to 140 characters. So if you have a blog or know of any good ones or want to start up a new one please link me =]

more from me soon , maggie may =] xo


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