[sings demi lovato in a squeeky voice] this is meeeee haha

hello there everyone , hope you’re well =] i haven’t blogged for a whil but goodness me you must know what i’m like by now haha! but i miss it so i’m starting it up again.

so at the moment i am at my auntys house, the one i used to live with , sat in the kitchen playing on my cousin lils computer while she cleans haha i am THE  best babysitter right? ;p

i’m in a good mood right now because i feel like lately i am coming in to my own which is a marvelous feeling and one i never thought i would experience. i finally feel like i am figuring out who i am and what i want! instead of trying to be someone else i am finally starting to see things from my own point of view and i love it! sick of trying to please people that can never be pleased and working so hard and doing it with no thanks. now it’s all about me and what makes me happy. my family. my real friends. my career and what i want to be and do. i’m figuring out what i like and dont like as aposed to going along with what other people want. and i am finally forgiving myself for not being what i try to be.

i love this feeling =]

magpie x


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