Join in ! =]

Nah nah naheeeey! Haha if you know who Ndubz are you’ll know what thats all bout ,  I’m channeling Dappy today :p

So hi there folks! I meant to write this blog like 4 days ago but you know what I’m like for procrastinating! I’m back at my house now after house and cat sitting for my older brother. I had a really good time having the house to myself to get some peace and entertain friends. I felt kind of grown up ‘running’ the house and looking after the cat too, it was kind of like a tester of what may be to come. Plus his shower works haha, mines been broke forever! So it was nice to take showers everyday instead of baths. Priscilla the cat ended up liking me too! Maybe because I was in charge of feeding her… but yeah she likes me now which is a big thing cos she’s evil and hates everyone. So now I’m back at my house it’s time to resume the game. There’s still a lot to do in regards to cleaning up this wreck! My room is looking a little better now I’ve painted over the sugar pink and jade green walls and removed all the magazine tear outs and posters, but I still need to add some cool stuff and storage thingies. The Kitchen needs fixing up and the bathroom is in need of doing especially now I have experienced showers again haha mine needs fixing quick! I also am back to working on my mother, I took her out yesterday and picked out an outfit for her to wear to a family wedding, getting her back into the family circle is crucial to getting her back to recovery so she has to look presentable. I have also introduced her to Tofu which is a good thing because her health is ridiculous so we need to work on that majorly! My brother is at court next week for sentencing so I need to write a reference in his defence and support him as much as I can. I haven’t spoken to my dad for over a month now but my mum says he needs surgery but won’t do it as it will take time from work. I am trying to calmly point out to them that if he doesnt have the surgery he will never work again :/ nobody listens to me.

So apart from all that family and house junk I am sick 😦 I have some dental problems and have been refered to a specialist but in the meantime the dentist gave me a second set of antibiotics. Not happy. The first set had no affect on the problem they just made me sicker. The new ones are stroger and nastier and I feel much much worse. But I am hoping they actually work in the end. They’re causing my skin to break out majorly, upsetting my stomcah to a ridiculous degree and draining me of energy. Being in nutrition [even in the early stages] I know that antibiotics are not too fabulous for you , yes they [supposedly] cure infections but they kill the good bacteria as well as the bad so thats not fun for your body. I got some Acidophilus to put the good bacteria back in but its not doing as much as the antibiotics. Oh well we shall see what happens there. Ok so I have bored you with half my problems haha I want to talk to you about some positive stuff =]

I’ve decided I want to turn this blog into more than just an online diary. I want to turn it into a kind of webzine for people interested in nutrition and food and eating disorders and herbivorism etc. So I am going to grab certain people and do Q&A’s with them! I was super lucky to get Happy Herbivore to do one with me when I first started theblog and it went down well so I am continuing with a lovely lady from twitter who I talked to via email just the other day. I will type up her answers and post them later maybe tonight. =] Apart from the question and answer posts I will be blogging about different supplements, healht foods, diets and maybe reviewing certain products too. This should be fun.

Alsooooo, inspired by my future husband #264 the lovely Mr Joseph Gordon Levitt..I want to make this blog open to other people. Kind of like hit but more nutrition based and not as popular i guess haha! So I want interviewers and interviewees, people to do reviews on supplements/superfoods/health books etc, people with stories on eating disorders/special nutritional needs, recipes, photos of foods you cook and all that type of stuff. I want this to be a fun blog we can all be a part of. =] So if you want to get involved just let me know – comment on here , tweet me at @misguidedmaggie or email me at =]

lots of love and hugs magpie =] xo


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