Hi there! First of all i have to hang my head in shame at the fact I haven’t blogged in months! But I’m back! I hear all 3 of you cheer haha!

Anyhoo, updates on my life. Well at the moment I am typing this on my brothers laptop at his house, I am super excited as I get to stay here all week on my own while he is away on holiday! I get the whole house to myself, get to sleep in a double bed, take showers [my shower has been broken for like 7 fricking years!] , do whatver I want whenever I want, have anyone I want over and basically get a taste of freedom for a week! All I have to do in return is keep the house safe and clean and take care of the cat…the cat I seem to have misplaced..I’m sure she’ll turn up haha!

Whatelse is new? Well I turned 20 on Monday. Had a lovely day and visited family and hung out with friends, I share my birthday with both my Grandmothers so I went to see them too and just generally had a nice day..except I spent my money on a bad hairdo that morning then literally an hour later decided I want to go back to blonde. From jet black with red underneath. I could vomit. Anyway apart from having the week off and spending it with friends and family and having a good time, redecorating my room to get rid of the pink and green walls and posters to make it more ‘grown up’, I made a decision.  I decided to make my 20th birthday the day I finally went Vegan forever. As you know I have tried Veganism like 3 times. You’ve followed me in and out of it, so you must know that I am all for the lifestyle and desperately want to make it my lifestyle but have struggled with it and failed time again? Well I decided to just do it. No arguing with myself. No do overs. No little cheats. No loopholes. No nothing. On 16th August 2010 I turned Vegan and I NEVER intend to turn back. That’s it now. =]  So it’s been a week now and I must say it’s alot easier this time. Before it seemed as though I was testing myself kind of. Or maybe I didnt take it seriously. But now that I have decided it is a part of me its a lot simpler. No vegan food around me? Well then I don’t eat til I get a chance to get some. Craving cheeze pizza or chocolate? If i dont have any vegan substitutes then it’s tough luck. Eating out? No vegan no eat. Peer pressure? Eff em. I’m loving it! And I ordered Alicia Silverstones The Kind Diet book and Food Inc on dvd as a birthday gift to myself. So expect to read alot more blogposts on veganism and perhaps reviews on the recipes and stuff?

Anything else new? Hmm not really haha but hey whats more interesting that my new lifestyle huh?

Anyhoo I’ve been sat here typing and watching E news and drinking cold coffee too long.. i should go find the cat.

Good to be back =] Hope you enjoy my blogging. Maggie xo


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