Jelly Beans.  Lush.  Benefit Makeup.  Rollercoasters. Chocolate Protein Shakes.  Chipmunks.  Movies.  Audrey Kitching. Childish Pajamas.   Lavender. Topshop. Diet Cherry Cola. Baby  Pink.  Tofu.  Coffee. Pete Wentz.   Soup.  Emerald Green. Being Messy Then Going OCD.  Pizza.  Ginger Tea. Primark.  Hayley Williams.  Glee.  The Beach Boys.  Desperate Housewives.  Sherbot Lemon Yellow. Reading.  Giving. Taking.  Green Tea. Paramore. Turqouise.  Buffy.  Music. Jam Tarts. Grey. Yorkshire Puddings. Ballet Pumps.  Vampire Diaries.   Gravy.  Honey.  Black. Cranberries.  Cherrys.  Taking It A Day At A Time. My Job. Blogging. Learning.  The Beatles. Sex And The City. Bubble Baths. Face Masks. Too Many Bracelets. Too Many Rings. Oversized Band Shirts.  My Sister In Law  .  Napping. Daydreaming.  Doodling.  Christmas.  The Radio. Travelling.  Nephew.  Texting. Sunshine.  Dancing In My Underwear. Maddona. Retro. Vintage. The Dice Man. Change. Vinyls.  Vivienne Westwood. Twilight Saga. Declan. Thinspiration. We Are The Ocean. My Brother.   Halloween.  Blink 182.  Collages. Self HelpBooks.  Jon And Kate Plus 8. Kids. Happiness. Cartoons. Art.  Riding Bikes. Disney. Rachel Mcadams. Cookies. Tots TV. Matthew Lawrence. Marilyn Manson. Tattoos. Piercings. Glitter. Sequins. London. Red Hair. The Hills. Comedy. Horror Films. Vampires. The Virgin Suicides. Michael Cera. Mascara. Lipbalms In Every Flavour. Over Packing My Bag. Walking Everywhere. Taking Pictures.  Going To The Movies. Jumping. Smilling. Twitter. The Smell Of Coconut. Vanilla. Sunglasses. Joy. Love.


Bullies. Bipolar Disorder. Anxiety. Being Fat. Depression. Being Unmotivated. Being Judged. Paranoia. Being Ugly. Hurting Other People. Insects. Being Too Hot Or Too Cold. Not Having Money. Owing Money. My ID Photo. Always Being Late No matter What. My Parents. Failing. Not Knowing What I want. Not Knowing Who I Am.

What do you Love/Hate?  M xo


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