Go away please Debbie Downer.

So you probably know that I left Twitter and other social networking sites for a short period of time after taking a break from my computer to focus on my life. Well I am back. But things have gotten worse. I have no idea what is going on with my home situation. My mum is walking out and looking at womens refuges after putting up with my dad beating on her for the last 20 odd years. My dad is in denial. My brother is following in my dads footsteps and beating on his girlfriend. The police have been to our house twice in one weekend. I have gained weight. Got really unhealthy. No idea what I am doing with my life. Dont have a clue what I want to do jobwise. Quitting 1 job.dropped out of college for the second time. I ate meat. I drank too much. I smoked. I took things i shouldnt have taken, Did things I shouldnt have done. I let myself down. I pressed the self destruct button.Yeah life isn’t so good. But I am back because I know that shutting myself off and isolating myself is not a good idea right now and I have some really good friends that support me on twitter. As sad as that sounds haha. So I am back.

But you know what? I want you to read that last paragraph and know that you should NOT feel bad for me. Because I don’t. I am sick of being depressed. I am sick of beating myself up and drowning in negativity. There has to be a point in your life when you stand up and say ”Fuck Off!” to the Debbie Downer in you. That time is now for me. I will let my parents get on with their self destruction. I will not join them in that. I have a fantastic brother and sister in law and the best friends ever! I have a good heart and the potential to be a good person and do good things. I will put that potential to good use.

So right now I may be confused and lost but I am not alone. I am not out of the game i am just on pause. I just need to figure out my game plan and resume. Would appreciate any help and guidance from you guys!

So my message i suppose for this post is that we all get a little lost some times. We all go astray at some point. Its ok. We are just misguided ghosts remember? You all know that its whats in our hearts that counts, our intentions. We just need to work on turning those intentions into actions. We will get there I promise you. We just need to kick Debbie Downer out of the way! =]

And on that note I will stop rambling on and get back to drinking too much tea and falling asleep. =] I will also leave youwith my favourite quote from my favourite person. ”Every once in a while you have to change everything about yourself. Where you live and what you look like..” – Audrey Kitching

No name xo


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