It’s not Goodbye it’s TTFN..

..As in Ta Ta For Now ..gotta love Tigger! :p
Anyway so I’m basically just giving you guys the explanation I promised. I am currently layed in bed sick with a bug that’s been going around. I have been scammed by bank fraudsters. Had a bad time at work. Had some problems with my second job. Have had money problems. .. I could go on with my list of problems right now. I know I know! Whiney little bitch haha! Well this is one of the reasons I am taking a breal from networking. I don’t want to spread the misery! I am little miss good intention remember? I want to spread peace and love and optimism. Not stomach flu and pesimism!
The other reason is that I have some serious problems to fix and am going through big changes in my life right now and need to focus on these things. It’s like I’m driving around, looking at which roads to go down and I’m so busy tweeting on my phone I keep missing the turn haha !
So I am getting rid of my computer and taking a break from twitter/myspace/youtube ohmygosh the list is so long haha I have so many accounts! I still have twitter and wordpress and facebook on my phone.. So I will probably check in every now again but I hope I don’t untill I’ve been more productive ! It’s going to be hard. I love twitter! But this needs to happen. I need no distractions.
Once I feel like I’ve got more control of my life I will come back. Twitter is staying no matter what but I don’t know what other accounts will stay. So untill I’m back keep following me on and you will see my return!
In the meanwhile I love you all dearly and wish you well! Speak sooooooon mwah! xo


One Response to “It’s not Goodbye it’s TTFN..”

  1. Meg Says:

    Do what ya gotta do, honey. No way I’d unfollow you BUT YOU KNOW THAT hehehe ❤ ttfn bby

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