Everybody scream your <3 out!

Hello  readers! I hope that you are all doing well and having a great day =]

So if you follow me on Twitter you will be aware that I went to a gig last night, I saw Lostprophets at the 02 academy in Newcastle. I went with my good friend Heather who has been a huge fan of the band for years! I liked them, I knew a handful of songs but was really only going as a favour for Heather and to spend some time with her and have a good night. But I ended up having a really good time and I love the band now!

Well Heathers parents picked me up and took drove us to Newcastle, bought us Dinner and her Dad even gave me £40 because I couldn’t find a cash machine! Sweetest parents ever! I was dressed in a kind of Goth Mouse outfit haha – Sid and Nancy Top, Biker boots and Mouse ears =]

The first band to play were We are the ocean. I LOVED them! Got there EP at the merch stand and checked out their myspace, hoping to see them again when they come to my town in April ;] check them out at www.twitter.com/wearetheocean !

Next up were Kids in glass houses. They were ok.

FInally Lostprophets came on. Ian Watkins is amazing! He had this kind of Rocker type Kenicky from Grease thing going on haha, slicking his hair, sliding up his jacket collar. He owned the stage. They played all the songs I knew but played the rest with so much energy I couldn’t help but bounce along despite not knowing the words! Ian was wearing a Vivienne Westwood belt too. His coolness went up a notch ;] . He was funny, he was cool, he sang his heart and was so into the audience it was like watching a friend play!

I got an awesome Limited edition Print from the merch stand, a bracelet and of course the We are the ocean cd =]

Oh and there was alot of cute guys in the bands. Doesn’t hurt. ;]

So all in all a fabulous night! So Heather if you are reading this thanks again for inviting me, thanks to you parents for being so good to me.

Check out the bands and see my twitter for updates and photos from the night. ;]

Peace Bitches =p Maggie May xo


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