Junk food does not = Love

Good evening friends, I hope you are enjoying your Sunday. If you follow me on Twitter you may have read a tweet of mine which listed names I would call my children if I had any. This came about via a conversation I had about babies with my sister and her friend. Laura [my sister] said that she would be a surrogate for me one day if I decided to have children, which I thought was such a beautiful offer and meant a lot to me. Even if it never happens, the thought that she offered to bring a life in to the world for me to call be trusted with and raise is very precious and I will not forget that. It got me thinking about having kids, I decided on a few names like Matilda, Lyla, Gabe and Ryden. I think those names are cool and slightly unique. I thought about how I would raise my children , things I would teach them, values I would instill in them. After alot of daydreaming I decided that of all things I would want my children to be healthy, honest, good hearted, happy and loved. These are the most important things I feel.

I then came across an article as I flicked through some magazines, this particular article caught my interest and even as I type it gives me a heavy heart to even think about such neglect. The article is about a young girl whose name I don’t think I should mention [even though she is in a magazine I don’t feel it is my place to be promting her story on the internet]. This girl was sent to an american style ‘Fat Camp’ at the age of 11 as she weighed 12 1/2 stone! Thats 175lbs!  After spending 8 weeks at this camp and being forced into healthy eating regimes and exercise she lost 21lbs. When she returned home she gave up the exercise and ignored the healthy eating she had been shown, going straight back to the crisps and cakes. Her mother [who at this moment is making my blood boil just thinking of her] is now arguing that the Fat Camp did not live up to her expectations and that now her child hates exercise and has not lost any more weight. Well I am sorry for being so blunt but who the fuck made her obese in the first place you stupid cow? She had her child at the age of 14  and thinks this is an excuse to neglect her childs nutritional needs and turn her into a not very mini version of her tubby mummy. I am disgusted by it and wonder how she has the ordasity to publicly blast the people who tried to help her daughter and try to fox the problem she created! The ‘mother’ is quite obese herself and is filling her daughter full of junk food and acting like she loves her when in actual fact what she is doing is causing her health problems, giving bullies an excuse to torment her, stopping her from having a proper childhood and actually as extreme as it sound..KILLING her! I can’t even talk about them anymore and I don’t even want to look at the magazine now I am so frustrated. How can this woman not see what she is doing? Does she have no sense? No shame?

Having a child is a blessing. A blessing some people are not fortunate enough to ever be able to experience and it hurts me to see people abuse theirs. If you have a child, you are responsible for the way they turn out and if your child weighs more than its age you haven’t done a very good job have you? She may not hit her child but she is abusing her in another way. She is neglecting her duty to teach the girl the necessity of healthy eating and exercisse, comprimising her health. If this girl reaches the age of 20 [which doctors say she won’t] she will get bigger and bigger, more depressed and end up resenting her mother. So what is the mother gaining?

I know I struggle with my body issues. I have been known to neglect the nutritional training I have had and I am known amongst the people I trust with my secret, as a bulimic. But at the end of the day I am fighting against it. I am trying every day to change my ways and embrace a healthy attitude towards food and I know that if I had children I would do my absoloute best to ensure they were not only healthy but that I gave them the common sense to keep up their healthy weys in the future. Because I would have a duty to do this for my children. I would not neglect this. No matter what state my health is in now. One day I will put my ED behind me, far behind and I will be the healthiest person I know and my future children will be just as healthy if not more. They will never be neglected and they will never be poisoned by junk food. I hope those of you reading feel the same.

My heart goes out to this little girl and I hope that her mother sees sense and that they both end up turning their lives around and leaving their bad diets behind them. I hope that you all understand where I am coming from and above all I hope I have given you something to think about.

Lots of love and hope , Magdalena x


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