Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself. Seriously stop hitting yourself!

Good afternoon [or whatever time it is as you read this ] I hope you are doing well and that 2010 is treating you nicely ;] . I haven’t blogged for a while even though I said I would do it more frequently but you must know by now that I rarley ever do as I intend ..sadly.  This is something I actually would like to talk to you about today. So often I see people beat themselves up over such small things and it saddens me, yet I am guilty of the same thing.  I feel like a lot of the time we judge ourselves more than anyone else does. We try to improve ourselves and we think we do it so that other people will like us but deep down we are striving for our own acceptance. Which I suppose sounds strange..we are meant to do certain things for ourselves and not for others right? Well yes but often we get so caught up in trying to please everyone including ourselves we end up making ourselves miserable..and we all know misery loves company. It spreads like wild fire.  I don’t know wether I am explaining this correctly…

We put restrictions on ourselves like ”I WILL lose weight, I WONT eat the things i enjoy again.” or ”I wont eat meat ever again, I am going vegan TODAY and nver looking back”. We tell ourselves what we can and can’t do, which to an extent is a good thing but when it starts to make you feel miserable and restricted you can end up resenting the choices you have made and start doing the things you said you wouldn’t. You rebel in a way. We make plans and when we don’t go through with them we beat ourselves up again and I’m just sick of all of this. Its a vicous circle of making plans and breaking them and starting all over again. Eventually you start to believe that you are useless and will never succeed with anything. Dangerous things to think about yourself.

So i propose to you all that we stop being so harsh on ourselves. Stop trying to put ourselves in boxes. Stop putting so much pressure on ourselves. Stop hurting ourselves when we do not succeed in our plans. Stop being our own worst enemy.

lots of love and comfort, Maggie xxx


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