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Ramblings of menstrual hippie?

January 18, 2010

Hello everyone =] I logged into this account after about a month of being a hermit and avoiding it out of lack of inspiration and found a comment from someone that made me decide to start blogging again. They left no name and I tried to email them to say thanks but It didn’t work so if you are reading this and you remember commenting about the blog in which I spoke about skin problems then I’d like to say Hello and Thanks =]

Now I am sat at my table with rather wild hair, no make up on wearing a band tshirt and christmas pyjama pants. I have a hot Wheat bag strapped to my stomach and a bottle of Paracetomol at hand as unfortunatley for me and whoever has to hear me moan in pain for the next few days.. my ”Aunt Flow” has arrived. Too much information I am sure haha. But it means that I had an excuse for bumming around the house all day looking like a Tramp. Also an excuse for being on my computer for hours =]

I would like to take the oppurtunity to let everyone know about my fall from grace as it were. When I started this blog I was full of  Energy and Inspiration, Excitement and Enthusiasm. I was following  a Vegan Diet, I was at College, I was trying to spread good mesages and positivity. Somewhere within the last few months I fell entirely on my arse. Quit college. Started eating dairy and eggs again. Got all ’emo’ and pessimistic. Just generally turned into everything I don’t want to be. But slowly I am rebuilding myself again. See this happens alot. My life and my mind are very much like Rollercoasters. One day/week/month I am incredibly high, full of intentions and optimism..the next I am ssat on my arse wondering at what point I fell off. But my friends this is not entirely a bad thing for you see, each time I fall I get bakc up with more knowledge, more strength and more determination. I know I will fall again many many times but am prepared. So for now I am heading back up. I am trying to get back on track with my Health and Diet, Work and Animal Rights, Friends and Life in general. So I hope that if you are reading this and you are in the similar position or have been, know that you are welcome to accompany me back on the ride.

Love you much for reading and paying attention. Wish you all Love and Luck, Maggie xo