Drinking leads to drama..my life is dramatic enough thankyou Vodka I won’t be needing your services any more..

I started drinking at 11am yesterday and it ended badly. As if no one could have guessed. Cider and Vodka and Wine and Champagne and Beer all mixed up they created a pretty bad night ending in me making a fool of myself at a family wedding and running away from my parents and into my sisters house in a flood of tears and vomit. After I puked three times and finished crying, Laura and her cousin consoled me by letting me watch Twilight and making me laugh. I am very lucky to have a good family. Well the majority of my family aka the Heald side are shit and the reason I am fucked up but I do have the honour of calling Mr Daniel Grey my brother, Miss Laura Jackson my ‘sister’ and Ronald Grey my nephew. I also have auntys and uncles and cousins that are fantastic and are responsible for what very little light I have in my life. Declan is also my saviour and I must call him when I get a chance to apoligize for my drunken rambling and thank him for being a truly great friend. Anyway so to cut this long story short I have made the decision to give up drinking. It will not be easy considering I come from a long line of substance abusers and being 19 my friends will probably try and persuade me to drink but I really want to follow my decision to cut out alcohol. I hope some of you will help me.  Now on to my little week boot camp……

So tomorow we will detox [Goodness knows I need it!] So no food on Sunday, just ridiculous amounts of water and Detox type teas like Greent tea and White tea. Any supplements you would like to tak eare fine too obviously.  You should use the exercise plan on sunday too.

Come Monday the diet and exercise plan will be:

750 calories a day.

200 sit ups a day.

2 hours of aerobic exercise [dancing/walking…] a day.

each extra calorie consumed gets you an extra sit up.

2 cups of Green or White tea a day.

Start each day with a cup of hot water and lemon.

Does that sound ok? I just feel like with christmas coming up we all want to look good in our cute christmasy outfits and no one wants to kiss the fat girl under the mistle toe haha!

So if you are interested in the week of boot campishness let me know either comment and keep in touch here, or on twitter/veggiedelightxo or by email at maggiemakeuprhinehart@gmail.com and then we can talk privatley =]

lots of love and luck to you all friends! love Magdalena xo


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