Our Santa was caught picking up young girls in the back alley. Even the mythical figures are corrupt here.

Yeah so my friend caught ‘Santa’ picking up underage girls on her way home today. Even the fakers can’t be bothered to keep up their image anymore. The bullshitters don’t care that the bullshit is on show. We are all getting so lazy. It should be liberating to let down our guards and show the world who we really are. It’s not working out right. Totally emo moment today. I was standing in the town centre watching the firework display with my friends and whe the fireworks went off I hardly noticed them. I was so busy observing the crowd and their reaction to the glittering distractions above that I couldn’t look up. It  was such a metaphor of how I have been feeling latley. The rest of the world seems so vulnerable and easily lead. Yet I am not so. The rest of the world can be easily distracted, I cannot. I so wish that I could be one of those zombies..brainwashed by society to believe what they tell me and not what they don’t but I can’t. I see what they don’t want me too and I ignore what they shove in my face. I see the world for what it really is. A journey with no destination and an unknown begining. Its all bullshit and the people living it are full of it. ok. emo moment over. I apoligize.

Anyway so two things I did today. Sent off records to ebay ‘buyers’ for free.. in fact it cost me to do it haha. I need that good karma. I also went into my local Tattoo and Piercing shop. Metal Guru. The dude who owns it is a legend. He is so wise and kind and calming. I wanna be him haha hes like a weird Jesus type dude. He was the guy who fixed my tattoo and did my septum and my sisters lip. He fixed my septum today after I fucked it up and it closed. We were both shocked to find that it healed in a matter of hours…thats what vitamins do to you kids haha i heal wicked fast! I also had my Tragus [is that right ? haha] pierced. So thats my ears, Tragus and Septum pierced and my Tattoo on my finger so far…next on my list is my Paramore Tattoo and my belly button piercing. I will ef be going to him. He wouldnt accept a tip from me for doing my septum again he said that me being a happy customer was all he needed. I intend to be a loyal customer.

Anyway lots to do my life is moving very fast right now and I am struggling to keep up but I figure with my mind the way it is its better to keep busy. Try and distract myself? But we know thats not so easy haha….

Oh and Happy Thanksiving you guys I am so thankful for good friends I love you all so much!!!

Love Maggie xo


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