Pink haired wolves? Redhead vampires? My world would be an odd one..

In world IS an odd one. You just aren’t living in the centre of it like I am.

You may or may not know I am a huge fan of Audrey Kitching..she is a model/personality and generalo fabulous pink haired,sequin outfitted chick. One thing that she mentions every so often in her blog ( ) is that ”you should change everything in your life every once in a while.” I love that advice. I have recently taken it to heart. For the most part I am a very fickle person, changing my hair, my style, my opinions probably more than i change my underwear. Not kidding. Ok may be kidding. A little. =p But on a serious note. I have changed my name. Legally. Officially. I am no longer going by the name of Jade. My new name is …..*drum roll…* Maggie! Yep Maggie Rhinehart. Shall I tell you why? Ok…I always likeed the name Lyla and fully planned on changing it to that ..but I thought about it and as much as I love the name, I am not a Lyla. I then asked some friends to give me ideas for names and Meg mentioned Magdalena which I loved! So thanks meg!!! You are a life changer, literally! Then I thought about anther Idol of mine. Dr Luke Rhinehart. (read The Dice Man) and decided to take his last name. My brother replied to this by saying ”You’re basically naming yourself after a rapist? Lovely.” haha seriously do your research about this guy! So yeah I changed my name in the early hours of Sunday morning and now just have to pay for the legal papers! And change all my details for everything in the world from email to bank account haha oh by the by… =]

So this weekend has been amazing. I changed my name, stayed with my brother and ‘sister’, went shopping and saw New moon!! I have been a twilight fan for a while now but Danny and Laura always made fun of me for it. Until they actually saw the movie. Then Laura wanted to borrow my copies of the books and now shes hooked! So we dragged Danny along to see New moon and he loved it! Laura is team Edward, I am team Jacob and Danny was Team ‘make fun of Laura and Jade* while they swoon’ haha! oh and the star* above my name? eugh. No one at home is happy about the name change and are refusing to call me Maggie. This will get confusing for sure. Anyway a big thumbs up to New moon! Taylor Lautner is looking seriously salty! Taylor Swift is a lucky girl! Hey remember the whole KanyeTaylorgate shit at the music awards? Notice Taylor Lautner was on stage too? Weird huh?

Totally random note. Keeping my hair red. No blonde for me =]

Anyway I just wanted to keep you guys updated! So to recap. My name is Maggie rhinehart. I am  redhead. Twilight geek. Preparing to move to London with my bestie. Training to be a Make up artist. Yeah thats all for now.. haha

If you were to change your name what would you change it to? Answers in comment or to my new email. Oh and let me know what you think of New moon …Team Edward or Team Jacob? xo


3 Responses to “Pink haired wolves? Redhead vampires? My world would be an odd one..”

  1. pro_ana_tina Says:

    team alice, for sure. 😉

    I’ve always liked the name Sophia. It doesn’t go with my current last name, so I’d change my last name to Samudra-Gulabi

    With translations, I’d be Sophie Seaflower or goddess* seaflower

    *Sophia means many different things, other than ‘wisdom’. see

  2. Meg Says:

    No problem, sweetie! I’m glad you liked my suggestion 🙂 Maggie Rhinehart is suchhh a cute name.
    anyways lovely blog as per usual xoox

  3. SkinnyScorpio Says:

    Maggie Rhinehart!!! That is a lovely, beautiful name, and I think it fits you. I hope your friends will have a change of heart and start getting used to the name change.

    Also, YAY! for converting Twilight haters to Twilight lovers!!!

    I’m Team Switzerland. I love both Edward and Jacob.

    But holy heck, Taylor Lautner was looking good in the film. I was very impressed with his acting.

    I can’t wait until Eclipse.

    Anyways, if I were to change my name, I’d like to be:

    First name: Cecilia
    Middle name: Jade
    Last name: Hart
    Nick name: C.J.

    Can you tell that I’ve thought about this a lot? LOL!

    Wishing you all the best!!!


    P.S. Audrey Kitching is awesome. ^_^

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