Ok so my life just changed in a 45 minute phonecall.

For some reason that title reminds me of a Backstreet boy song. Hmm..

So i was on the phone with my bestie Declan.  I was telling him my problems of the day and i suddenly got kind of..not depressed but down about where my life was going and we got on to the topic of me ‘running away’ and living with him in London. A subject that has come up before. But it seemed crazy the first time it was mentioned. Like ”Yeah ok I’ll just leave everything and everyone behind and start over again. Thats gunna happen to me..yeah right!”  But this time I though ”Why shouldn’t that be me. I am the only person stopping that from happening. I don’t want to stop it anymore. So we talked about it. Seriously talked about it. We established that me moving away from this town and starting my life over will be the best thing to happen. I will live with him. We will find me a job. I will be happy. I will be in his debt for the rest of my life for even holding his hand out to help me, let alone give me a place to stay and help me change my life completely! We decided. I am going to do it. We are going to do it. I couldn’t be happier. Even if i get hit by a bus tomorow I will die peacufully in the knowledge that I made a huge decision, I took the first step in to chenging my life for the better. Im allready there in my head I just need to realise the vision.

We haven’t given ourselves a deadline. No dates or times. In Declans words ”No deadline. A goal.” But I estimate that Spring 2011 will be the time. Give or take a month or two. I feel like that is long enough for me to get some training/work done to ensure I can get myself a job in London, A long enough time to ”fix” my parents and tie up loose ends. But not so long that I waste too much time here. I have given this town 19 years of my life. I will not celebrate my 21st birthday here. I won’t. Come the begining of 2011 I will have either succeeded in my goals and am ready to move on. Or have failed and am ready to give up and leave it all behind. Either way I am out of here!

I just feel so lucky to have Declan. I actually cried with joy on the phone. Tears running down my face. Hard to breathe. The fact that he sees something in me that nobody else does, he believes in me so much he’s willing to turn his life upside down for me. It is a feeling I have never experienced and never thought I would. I am truly blessed to know hime. I love him. He is saving me.

So this blog is a ‘thank you’ and ‘i love you’ and ‘i apreciate you’ to declan and a reminder to myself that I am doing something for the good and need to see it through.  It is also a message to anyone reading – ‘You are the only one who can make the deicsion to change. Make that decision now.’

All my love and encouragement. Jade xo


One Response to “Ok so my life just changed in a 45 minute phonecall.”

  1. SkinnyScorpio Says:

    Best wishes to both you and Declan, dear!!!

    I’m so glad you have such an amazing best friend as your support system.

    So proud of you and your determination to change your life for the better.

    Good luck with everything!!!

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