Oh what to do, what to do ?

Hello everyone! Hope all is well with you all =]

Can you believe its already November 12th?! This year has flown by so fast! I can’t say I’ve been a big fan of 2009, how about you ? I am however excited about 2010, as I feel if I work hard enough now, the new year will bring me lots of oppurtunities, new friends and experiences and I will be fully prepared for all of those things. I just need to start being more organized especially with my time and money!  Now I’m not going to ask you what your new years resolutions are because before we can decide what to do with next year we must tie up all the loose ends of this year. So what is there that you feel you need to do before the year is out?

I for one need to have  a HUGE spring clean because I feel like there is so much to come I need to make space in my house aswell as in my mind and we all know a cluttered house and a cluttered mind go hand in hand don’t we friends?   I also must organize my money. Christmas is so close, and I owe money too which always sucks, so I really need to sit down and look at my finances soon so that I can start 2010 with a new purse! I would also really like to lose some weight before christmas and hopefully not gain any over the holidays, im thinking 10lbs? If anyone else is wanting to lose weight let me know we can be diet buddies! =]

Now I hope I have got you all thinking about what you need to get done, i like to inspire ;] so go clean your room, think about your spending, put on your gym bra or whatever it is you need to do, I promise come December we will feel so much more calm about stepping in to the wonderful but quite stressful world of Christmas and New year!

Until my next blog, good luck with the To Do lists and Peace out! xoxoxo


2 Responses to “Oh what to do, what to do ?”

  1. bitch you know Says:

    So what is there that you feel you need to do before the year is out?

    have sex and look fabulous

  2. SkinnyScorpio Says:

    I really can’t believe how fast this year has gone.

    Too fast if you ask me.

    YAY for November: 17th-my birthday 20th-NEW MOON!!!

    haha…much more excited about the New Moon premiere than actually celebrating my birthday.

    Anyways, I’m gonna take your advice and go clean my room. I honestly can’t fully function when my room is cluttered.

    Take care, Jade!

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