It’s Detox time!

Hello there! Happy November =] I hope you all enjoyed Halloween and wore some wicked awesome costumes! I saw some really creative ones last night including a £10 note! There were a lot of GhostBusters, lots of Zombies and a Hell of a lot of Animals. I was one of them. LOL. I know, I know being a mouse for Haloween is not very creative but I was strapped for cash and didn’t have a lot of time to organize an outfit! But anyway we werent really and my friends decided to be our favourite character from our favourite movie…Karen from Mean Girls haha! In the movie Karen turns up at her friends house on Haloween and her friend is like ”What are you ?..” and Karen replies ”I’m a Mouse..DUH!” and points to the mouse ears. That probably doesnt seem funny but its an inside joke between us and we think its hilarious so my good friend Maeve created some mouse ears for us all by scratch and Martha made name tages that said ”I’m a Mouse..DUH!” and we all looked really cool i think =]    The night started with me ignoring the neighbourhood children because I forgot to pick up Candy on my way home! Then I went to Marthas and we started the drinking off and messed around like kids..then we went to the club and met our other friends. Looking back it wasnt a bad night but at the time it was kind of boring. The music was soooo bad..and not ‘so bad it was good’..just bad! And I am not a big fan of clubs any way …i dislike the people who work there and dont let you have a good time..I dislike the music most of the time and I dislike all the rude drunk people I dont know getting in my face. I prefer house parties where you can do what ever the hell you want and just have fun! Or Gay clubs because [I’m not being stereotypical on purpose..] but they generally have a better atmosphere, everyone is there to be wild and have fun, there are Drag Queens running around and lots of crazy stuff and I love it! Straight clubs are usually just full of horny guys and bitchy girls. Not fun for me. BUT I got to hold a snake at this one place it was so cool I really want one!

Anyway my night wasnt so bad it just wasn’t as good as i expected. I hope yours was better. =]

Now on to business! Me and my friend Crystal have decided to go on a detox. A specific detox called ‘The Beauty Boosting Detox’ because as you may have heard me mention a few times lol I am having trouble with my skin and we both just generally need a good detox! So I am going to post the information right here and anybody is absoloutley welcome to join us, I hope you do. I find that the more people participate in these things the easier it is for everyone as we can support each other =]

We are planning to do this for about a week? You don’t have to do it that long if you dont want to. We may not even do it that long its kind of just a guideline. I would be happy to do it for at least 4 days. Any more than that is just a bonus for me. =] So here are the details….

1. First of all if you smoke, stop! Now I am not suggesting that you give it up right now and never smoke again, it’s not that simple I know. I haven’t had a smoke for about a year but I know that it’s not easy to give up. But just for the sake of the detox, put the ciggies down for the next few days or at LEAST cut down because smoking restricts circulation causing your skin to become dull and blotchy and dry.

2. Cut out alcohol. I like to drink. I come from a family of Alcoholics and although I am not one my self I have had the taste of it put in to my genes lol so this could be difficult, especially if this detox does indeed go into the weekend. Never the less I will try my absoloute hardest to stay away from alcohol during the detox as alcohol not only fills your body with toxin causing pimples and rashes, it also attacks collagen making your skin weak.

3. Keep calm. Stress is so bad  for your health and very bad for your skin causing premature aging, spots and irritated skin. So keep calm, try deep breathing, positive thinking, B vitamins to combat stress in general and avoid any people or situations that may cause stress.

4.Sunbeds. Cut them out if you use them. According to Dermatoligists – If we were never exposed to the sun we would not get our first wrinkle til the age of 60! Now of course we cannot avoid the sun all together and I think that a little sunlight and fresh air is very good for you. Just dont bake your self.

5. At least once during the detox you need to wash your hair thoroughly. Make sure you rinse really well after shampooing and give hair a splash with cold water. Use a hair mask or scalp treatment, intensive conditioner and leave to dry naturally without product. Here is a good tip for healthy hair and scalp: mix 10 drops of lavender oil with half a cup of warm olive oil and massage into scalp and into hair, tie a plastic carrier around your hair and leave for half an hour.

6. Cleanse! Make sure you take your make up off before bed, wash your face at least twice a day and exfoliate once a day. And at least once during the detox, steam clean your face using a bowl of boiling water and a few drops of chamomile or lavender.  Splash with cold water after.

7. Moisturise.  Use chamomile oil blended with a general base oil to moisturie skin twice a day. Really massage the skin and take your time.

8. Supplements. Take a good multivitamin to ensure your skin and hair get good nutrients, Collagen to plump and repair skin and encourage hair growth and strengthand  Flaxseed to boost circulation and moisten skin. Milk Thistle cleans the liver, Dandelion is  a diuretic and Green Tea is an obvious detoxifier. Goji or Acai Juice are also really good for detoxing.

9. Avoid sugar and salt as they encourage skin breakouts and wrinkles.

10. Eat lots of fruit including lots of berries, lots of vegetables especially leafy greens.

11.Drink as much water as you possibly can to keep skin hydrated.

12. Get lots of exrecise as this helps boost circulations and flush toxins.


Ok so those are the general guidelines for the detox. I hope you join in with us, Detoxing is good for your Health and Mind and Body. I really trust in detoxing. So if you want to join in with us keep checking my blog and follow us on and for more details and keeping up to date. Good luck! xoxoxo


One Response to “It’s Detox time!”

  1. SkinnyScorpio Says:


    This detox sounds fantastic.

    I’m super excited to start.

    Thanks for posting it, sweetheart.

    I’m looking forward to detoxing with you and boosting our beauty.

    Best of luck!

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