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Drinking leads to life is dramatic enough thankyou Vodka I won’t be needing your services any more..

November 28, 2009

I started drinking at 11am yesterday and it ended badly. As if no one could have guessed. Cider and Vodka and Wine and Champagne and Beer all mixed up they created a pretty bad night ending in me making a fool of myself at a family wedding and running away from my parents and into my sisters house in a flood of tears and vomit. After I puked three times and finished crying, Laura and her cousin consoled me by letting me watch Twilight and making me laugh. I am very lucky to have a good family. Well the majority of my family aka the Heald side are shit and the reason I am fucked up but I do have the honour of calling Mr Daniel Grey my brother, Miss Laura Jackson my ‘sister’ and Ronald Grey my nephew. I also have auntys and uncles and cousins that are fantastic and are responsible for what very little light I have in my life. Declan is also my saviour and I must call him when I get a chance to apoligize for my drunken rambling and thank him for being a truly great friend. Anyway so to cut this long story short I have made the decision to give up drinking. It will not be easy considering I come from a long line of substance abusers and being 19 my friends will probably try and persuade me to drink but I really want to follow my decision to cut out alcohol. I hope some of you will help me.  Now on to my little week boot camp……

So tomorow we will detox [Goodness knows I need it!] So no food on Sunday, just ridiculous amounts of water and Detox type teas like Greent tea and White tea. Any supplements you would like to tak eare fine too obviously.  You should use the exercise plan on sunday too.

Come Monday the diet and exercise plan will be:

750 calories a day.

200 sit ups a day.

2 hours of aerobic exercise [dancing/walking…] a day.

each extra calorie consumed gets you an extra sit up.

2 cups of Green or White tea a day.

Start each day with a cup of hot water and lemon.

Does that sound ok? I just feel like with christmas coming up we all want to look good in our cute christmasy outfits and no one wants to kiss the fat girl under the mistle toe haha!

So if you are interested in the week of boot campishness let me know either comment and keep in touch here, or on twitter/veggiedelightxo or by email at and then we can talk privatley =]

lots of love and luck to you all friends! love Magdalena xo


Our Santa was caught picking up young girls in the back alley. Even the mythical figures are corrupt here.

November 26, 2009

Yeah so my friend caught ‘Santa’ picking up underage girls on her way home today. Even the fakers can’t be bothered to keep up their image anymore. The bullshitters don’t care that the bullshit is on show. We are all getting so lazy. It should be liberating to let down our guards and show the world who we really are. It’s not working out right. Totally emo moment today. I was standing in the town centre watching the firework display with my friends and whe the fireworks went off I hardly noticed them. I was so busy observing the crowd and their reaction to the glittering distractions above that I couldn’t look up. It  was such a metaphor of how I have been feeling latley. The rest of the world seems so vulnerable and easily lead. Yet I am not so. The rest of the world can be easily distracted, I cannot. I so wish that I could be one of those zombies..brainwashed by society to believe what they tell me and not what they don’t but I can’t. I see what they don’t want me too and I ignore what they shove in my face. I see the world for what it really is. A journey with no destination and an unknown begining. Its all bullshit and the people living it are full of it. ok. emo moment over. I apoligize.

Anyway so two things I did today. Sent off records to ebay ‘buyers’ for free.. in fact it cost me to do it haha. I need that good karma. I also went into my local Tattoo and Piercing shop. Metal Guru. The dude who owns it is a legend. He is so wise and kind and calming. I wanna be him haha hes like a weird Jesus type dude. He was the guy who fixed my tattoo and did my septum and my sisters lip. He fixed my septum today after I fucked it up and it closed. We were both shocked to find that it healed in a matter of hours…thats what vitamins do to you kids haha i heal wicked fast! I also had my Tragus [is that right ? haha] pierced. So thats my ears, Tragus and Septum pierced and my Tattoo on my finger so far…next on my list is my Paramore Tattoo and my belly button piercing. I will ef be going to him. He wouldnt accept a tip from me for doing my septum again he said that me being a happy customer was all he needed. I intend to be a loyal customer.

Anyway lots to do my life is moving very fast right now and I am struggling to keep up but I figure with my mind the way it is its better to keep busy. Try and distract myself? But we know thats not so easy haha….

Oh and Happy Thanksiving you guys I am so thankful for good friends I love you all so much!!!

Love Maggie xo

Pink haired wolves? Redhead vampires? My world would be an odd one..

November 23, 2009

In world IS an odd one. You just aren’t living in the centre of it like I am.

You may or may not know I am a huge fan of Audrey Kitching..she is a model/personality and generalo fabulous pink haired,sequin outfitted chick. One thing that she mentions every so often in her blog ( ) is that ”you should change everything in your life every once in a while.” I love that advice. I have recently taken it to heart. For the most part I am a very fickle person, changing my hair, my style, my opinions probably more than i change my underwear. Not kidding. Ok may be kidding. A little. =p But on a serious note. I have changed my name. Legally. Officially. I am no longer going by the name of Jade. My new name is …..*drum roll…* Maggie! Yep Maggie Rhinehart. Shall I tell you why? Ok…I always likeed the name Lyla and fully planned on changing it to that ..but I thought about it and as much as I love the name, I am not a Lyla. I then asked some friends to give me ideas for names and Meg mentioned Magdalena which I loved! So thanks meg!!! You are a life changer, literally! Then I thought about anther Idol of mine. Dr Luke Rhinehart. (read The Dice Man) and decided to take his last name. My brother replied to this by saying ”You’re basically naming yourself after a rapist? Lovely.” haha seriously do your research about this guy! So yeah I changed my name in the early hours of Sunday morning and now just have to pay for the legal papers! And change all my details for everything in the world from email to bank account haha oh by the by… =]

So this weekend has been amazing. I changed my name, stayed with my brother and ‘sister’, went shopping and saw New moon!! I have been a twilight fan for a while now but Danny and Laura always made fun of me for it. Until they actually saw the movie. Then Laura wanted to borrow my copies of the books and now shes hooked! So we dragged Danny along to see New moon and he loved it! Laura is team Edward, I am team Jacob and Danny was Team ‘make fun of Laura and Jade* while they swoon’ haha! oh and the star* above my name? eugh. No one at home is happy about the name change and are refusing to call me Maggie. This will get confusing for sure. Anyway a big thumbs up to New moon! Taylor Lautner is looking seriously salty! Taylor Swift is a lucky girl! Hey remember the whole KanyeTaylorgate shit at the music awards? Notice Taylor Lautner was on stage too? Weird huh?

Totally random note. Keeping my hair red. No blonde for me =]

Anyway I just wanted to keep you guys updated! So to recap. My name is Maggie rhinehart. I am  redhead. Twilight geek. Preparing to move to London with my bestie. Training to be a Make up artist. Yeah thats all for now.. haha

If you were to change your name what would you change it to? Answers in comment or to my new email. Oh and let me know what you think of New moon …Team Edward or Team Jacob? xo

Ok so my life just changed in a 45 minute phonecall.

November 16, 2009

For some reason that title reminds me of a Backstreet boy song. Hmm..

So i was on the phone with my bestie Declan.  I was telling him my problems of the day and i suddenly got kind of..not depressed but down about where my life was going and we got on to the topic of me ‘running away’ and living with him in London. A subject that has come up before. But it seemed crazy the first time it was mentioned. Like ”Yeah ok I’ll just leave everything and everyone behind and start over again. Thats gunna happen to me..yeah right!”  But this time I though ”Why shouldn’t that be me. I am the only person stopping that from happening. I don’t want to stop it anymore. So we talked about it. Seriously talked about it. We established that me moving away from this town and starting my life over will be the best thing to happen. I will live with him. We will find me a job. I will be happy. I will be in his debt for the rest of my life for even holding his hand out to help me, let alone give me a place to stay and help me change my life completely! We decided. I am going to do it. We are going to do it. I couldn’t be happier. Even if i get hit by a bus tomorow I will die peacufully in the knowledge that I made a huge decision, I took the first step in to chenging my life for the better. Im allready there in my head I just need to realise the vision.

We haven’t given ourselves a deadline. No dates or times. In Declans words ”No deadline. A goal.” But I estimate that Spring 2011 will be the time. Give or take a month or two. I feel like that is long enough for me to get some training/work done to ensure I can get myself a job in London, A long enough time to ”fix” my parents and tie up loose ends. But not so long that I waste too much time here. I have given this town 19 years of my life. I will not celebrate my 21st birthday here. I won’t. Come the begining of 2011 I will have either succeeded in my goals and am ready to move on. Or have failed and am ready to give up and leave it all behind. Either way I am out of here!

I just feel so lucky to have Declan. I actually cried with joy on the phone. Tears running down my face. Hard to breathe. The fact that he sees something in me that nobody else does, he believes in me so much he’s willing to turn his life upside down for me. It is a feeling I have never experienced and never thought I would. I am truly blessed to know hime. I love him. He is saving me.

So this blog is a ‘thank you’ and ‘i love you’ and ‘i apreciate you’ to declan and a reminder to myself that I am doing something for the good and need to see it through.  It is also a message to anyone reading – ‘You are the only one who can make the deicsion to change. Make that decision now.’

All my love and encouragement. Jade xo

Oh what to do, what to do ?

November 12, 2009

Hello everyone! Hope all is well with you all =]

Can you believe its already November 12th?! This year has flown by so fast! I can’t say I’ve been a big fan of 2009, how about you ? I am however excited about 2010, as I feel if I work hard enough now, the new year will bring me lots of oppurtunities, new friends and experiences and I will be fully prepared for all of those things. I just need to start being more organized especially with my time and money!  Now I’m not going to ask you what your new years resolutions are because before we can decide what to do with next year we must tie up all the loose ends of this year. So what is there that you feel you need to do before the year is out?

I for one need to have  a HUGE spring clean because I feel like there is so much to come I need to make space in my house aswell as in my mind and we all know a cluttered house and a cluttered mind go hand in hand don’t we friends?   I also must organize my money. Christmas is so close, and I owe money too which always sucks, so I really need to sit down and look at my finances soon so that I can start 2010 with a new purse! I would also really like to lose some weight before christmas and hopefully not gain any over the holidays, im thinking 10lbs? If anyone else is wanting to lose weight let me know we can be diet buddies! =]

Now I hope I have got you all thinking about what you need to get done, i like to inspire ;] so go clean your room, think about your spending, put on your gym bra or whatever it is you need to do, I promise come December we will feel so much more calm about stepping in to the wonderful but quite stressful world of Christmas and New year!

Until my next blog, good luck with the To Do lists and Peace out! xoxoxo

Just call me Jade, Jade the Agony Aunt…

November 8, 2009

Hello there how do you do ?

I have been feeling less than inspired lately, you may have noticed this or at least noticed the lack of noticing as I have given you nothing to notice recently. ..

Anyway today is Sunday, I like Sundays. You can sleep late and bum around in your pajamas. Get things done that usually get put off..til Sunday. Im going to spend the day cleaning and getting  those randoms things done, then have a nice  bath and curl up to a Matthew Lawrence dvd marathon =] ( i suggest you run to your local video store and check out ‘Cheats’ , ‘Sports Movie’ and ‘The Hot Chick’ or dig out your old ‘Mrs Doubtfire’ video..he was 12 in that film but still …haha!)  Oh and if any of you are Lush fans, check out the new face mask ‘Oatifix’ i tried it last night its sooooooo good!  Smells yummy and makes my skin feel better. Oh my skin! Yeah its feeling alot better, i perceivered, continued to drink lots of water and eat lots of fruit. I also threw away my chemical laden skin products and swapped them for organic products. Check out and look at the Weleda range, specifically the cleansing lotion for problem skin and the treatment lotion for problem skin. My face is still a little dry and the skin at the corner of my right eye is still giving me a little trouble but it is nowhere near as bad as it was before!  So there’s one reason to smile =]

Now lately I’ve been really…not down but not up. And I have had a lot of comfort from ‘internet friends’. Let me start by saying that I do not love my ‘internet friends’ any less than my ‘real life friends’. You all mean so much to me. You are there for me when I need you, give me love and support on a daily basis and make me laugh and smile. Just because there is a computer screen and about a million miles between us doesnt mean our friendship is not real. Friendship isnt based on physicality, it is emotional and spiritual. For instance my best friend Declan now lives all the way in london and we only comunicate via the phone or inetenret or letters. But our friendship is just as strong or maybe even stronger than when he lived here. So I want to tell you all how much I love you. Declan knows already but to those of you who I haven told. I love you! Crystal aka @skinnyscorpio , Meg aka @meg___ , @fight2bthin @totalcliche ,  @wantsize0 , @missfortune_x , @hadaxoxo , @priincesshaley   and I’m sure there are more but you must know by now im ridiculous with names and memory. If I haven’t shouted you out let me know, I love you too!

And this brings me to  the point of my blog today. You guys have given me endless support. I want to repay the favour. So. If you have any problems at the moment wether its to do with your home life, family problems, friendship issues, self esteem issues or anything at all, let me know and I will give you my honest and loving advice. I may not be an old wise broad. I’m 19 and have made a few mistakes myself. I am not perfect. but I’ve seen and done things you wouldnt believe and have experiences and memories that give me wisdom beyond my years. I want to help my friends as they have helped me. I wont make your problems public unless you want me to. If you have a problem that you feel many other people may be experiencing we could do a video or blog about it in the hopes of helping others too. It’s all about spreading love and comfort and a helping hand.

So if you want advice or comforting words or just another persons opinion or point of view let me know by either commenting this blog, tweeting me @veggiedelightxo or emailing me at  i look forward to hearing from you =] xo

It’s Detox time!

November 1, 2009

Hello there! Happy November =] I hope you all enjoyed Halloween and wore some wicked awesome costumes! I saw some really creative ones last night including a £10 note! There were a lot of GhostBusters, lots of Zombies and a Hell of a lot of Animals. I was one of them. LOL. I know, I know being a mouse for Haloween is not very creative but I was strapped for cash and didn’t have a lot of time to organize an outfit! But anyway we werent really and my friends decided to be our favourite character from our favourite movie…Karen from Mean Girls haha! In the movie Karen turns up at her friends house on Haloween and her friend is like ”What are you ?..” and Karen replies ”I’m a Mouse..DUH!” and points to the mouse ears. That probably doesnt seem funny but its an inside joke between us and we think its hilarious so my good friend Maeve created some mouse ears for us all by scratch and Martha made name tages that said ”I’m a Mouse..DUH!” and we all looked really cool i think =]    The night started with me ignoring the neighbourhood children because I forgot to pick up Candy on my way home! Then I went to Marthas and we started the drinking off and messed around like kids..then we went to the club and met our other friends. Looking back it wasnt a bad night but at the time it was kind of boring. The music was soooo bad..and not ‘so bad it was good’..just bad! And I am not a big fan of clubs any way …i dislike the people who work there and dont let you have a good time..I dislike the music most of the time and I dislike all the rude drunk people I dont know getting in my face. I prefer house parties where you can do what ever the hell you want and just have fun! Or Gay clubs because [I’m not being stereotypical on purpose..] but they generally have a better atmosphere, everyone is there to be wild and have fun, there are Drag Queens running around and lots of crazy stuff and I love it! Straight clubs are usually just full of horny guys and bitchy girls. Not fun for me. BUT I got to hold a snake at this one place it was so cool I really want one!

Anyway my night wasnt so bad it just wasn’t as good as i expected. I hope yours was better. =]

Now on to business! Me and my friend Crystal have decided to go on a detox. A specific detox called ‘The Beauty Boosting Detox’ because as you may have heard me mention a few times lol I am having trouble with my skin and we both just generally need a good detox! So I am going to post the information right here and anybody is absoloutley welcome to join us, I hope you do. I find that the more people participate in these things the easier it is for everyone as we can support each other =]

We are planning to do this for about a week? You don’t have to do it that long if you dont want to. We may not even do it that long its kind of just a guideline. I would be happy to do it for at least 4 days. Any more than that is just a bonus for me. =] So here are the details….

1. First of all if you smoke, stop! Now I am not suggesting that you give it up right now and never smoke again, it’s not that simple I know. I haven’t had a smoke for about a year but I know that it’s not easy to give up. But just for the sake of the detox, put the ciggies down for the next few days or at LEAST cut down because smoking restricts circulation causing your skin to become dull and blotchy and dry.

2. Cut out alcohol. I like to drink. I come from a family of Alcoholics and although I am not one my self I have had the taste of it put in to my genes lol so this could be difficult, especially if this detox does indeed go into the weekend. Never the less I will try my absoloute hardest to stay away from alcohol during the detox as alcohol not only fills your body with toxin causing pimples and rashes, it also attacks collagen making your skin weak.

3. Keep calm. Stress is so bad  for your health and very bad for your skin causing premature aging, spots and irritated skin. So keep calm, try deep breathing, positive thinking, B vitamins to combat stress in general and avoid any people or situations that may cause stress.

4.Sunbeds. Cut them out if you use them. According to Dermatoligists – If we were never exposed to the sun we would not get our first wrinkle til the age of 60! Now of course we cannot avoid the sun all together and I think that a little sunlight and fresh air is very good for you. Just dont bake your self.

5. At least once during the detox you need to wash your hair thoroughly. Make sure you rinse really well after shampooing and give hair a splash with cold water. Use a hair mask or scalp treatment, intensive conditioner and leave to dry naturally without product. Here is a good tip for healthy hair and scalp: mix 10 drops of lavender oil with half a cup of warm olive oil and massage into scalp and into hair, tie a plastic carrier around your hair and leave for half an hour.

6. Cleanse! Make sure you take your make up off before bed, wash your face at least twice a day and exfoliate once a day. And at least once during the detox, steam clean your face using a bowl of boiling water and a few drops of chamomile or lavender.  Splash with cold water after.

7. Moisturise.  Use chamomile oil blended with a general base oil to moisturie skin twice a day. Really massage the skin and take your time.

8. Supplements. Take a good multivitamin to ensure your skin and hair get good nutrients, Collagen to plump and repair skin and encourage hair growth and strengthand  Flaxseed to boost circulation and moisten skin. Milk Thistle cleans the liver, Dandelion is  a diuretic and Green Tea is an obvious detoxifier. Goji or Acai Juice are also really good for detoxing.

9. Avoid sugar and salt as they encourage skin breakouts and wrinkles.

10. Eat lots of fruit including lots of berries, lots of vegetables especially leafy greens.

11.Drink as much water as you possibly can to keep skin hydrated.

12. Get lots of exrecise as this helps boost circulations and flush toxins.


Ok so those are the general guidelines for the detox. I hope you join in with us, Detoxing is good for your Health and Mind and Body. I really trust in detoxing. So if you want to join in with us keep checking my blog and follow us on and for more details and keeping up to date. Good luck! xoxoxo