We are not naive little Dolls, we are the Action men of society.

I have been thinking about how my blog may look to people, what message I am sending out and if I am coming across the way I had hoped. I feared that I was being too negative which of course is the opposite of what this blog is mean to be. After thinking about I have came to the conclusion that the blog is good [blow my own horn or what ?]  yes, I am letting people know that I am suffering from bad skin right now and maybe they will link that to my new found veganism but if that is the case I am not bothered by it. I am a 19 year old girl with sensitive skin, I have suffered from eczema as a child and recently my skin has been in bad condition. It may be linked to my change it diet, though certainly not caused by veganism ..if that makes sense? What I mean by that is – cutting out dairy could not cause my skin to be bad, but my body reacting to a radical change could. Or it could be cause by my hormones,products, make up or even the cold weather. If after reading that last sentence you still blame veganism then you are stupid. I wont apoligize for name calling when it fits. If you are looking for an excuse to NOT go vegan you have came to the wrong place, I will not bash this lifestyle which i am CHOOSING to follow. I will simply be honest and let you know everything that i feel, see, experience or find out during my transition. I would hope that you could take the bad along with the good as I have.   As my headline states..”we are not naive little dolls, we are the action men of society.” we are not children anymore we are capable of making our own judgement and decisions and dealing with any consequences that may occur via out choices. I have chosen to do my part for the environment, help stop animals lives being ruined and wasted, I am choosing to take steps towards a better, healthier, happier life for me and am writing this blog to encourage you reading to do the same can you not see that?

So I am sat here drinking Milk Thistle herb water, rubbing chamomile on my face and reading up on detoxing [ which i will be doing soon if anyone is interested in joining me] and although my skin is super bad today I am not giving up and I refuse to let something so superficial get me down. I have to go to work and interact with people face to face, then I am going out with friends and will have to be around my beautiful girl friends all night. Usually this would bother me so much I would go back to bed, call in sick to work and not bother going out. But I wont do that today. No way. I love my job and I love helping people, so i will conceal my skin the best I can and get on with it. I will then give my self a facial tonight and do may make up as usual, go out and enjoy haloween with my friends who dont care what I look like. I am so lucky to have a job that I enjoy and friends who love me as much as I love them. I am not going to let a case of bad skin ruin those things for me today or ever. I have veganism to thank for this new change in attitude. You may not believe me but I know for sure. I now walk with my head high knowing I am strongwilled and compassionate and on my way to being healthier than ever. How could that not spark a positive attitude ?

WOW I talk a lot haha ! ok so I am going to go get ready for work. I hope you guys understood my message today and are feeling more encouraged to try Veganism. I hope that I have made you feel good about yourself if you wern’t already because none of us deserve to feel ugly. I love you all for reading thankyou so much for doing so, have  a fantastic Halloween! I love this time of year! Let me know what your plans are or how it goes? Let me know what you think about the blog. Send pictures of you halloween costumes. Comunicate!

Happy Halloween. xoxo


2 Responses to “We are not naive little Dolls, we are the Action men of society.”

  1. SkinnyScorpio Says:

    Your honesty is so refreshing.

    And your venture towards veganism is both encouraging and inspiring.

    I’m glad you are dedicated to becoming a vegan. It inspires me to continue on my own road towards veganism.

    It’s still a bit of a struggle, but your own journey encourages me to continue to stay committed to the vegan lifestyle.

    Your positivity is infectious.

  2. Jackqueline Jiang Says:

    Howdy, good day.. Your post is extremely uplifting. I never thought that it was probable to accomplish something like that until after I checked out your write-up. You undeniably offered an incredible perception on how this kind of whole scheme works. Ill always visit for more advice. Keep writing!

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