Yeah ok baby you stick to your rainy day attitude..I’ve got sunshine and rainbows coming out of my arse…

I know ..I know.. I could’nt have picked a classier title right? 

It feels so good to be sat at my table, sipping Dandelion Tea and typing away on my computer, as oposed to fumbling with the keypad on my sidekick like I have been while waiting for my internet connection to be fixed! So thanks to my brother figuring the whole thing out, I will be updating alot more…ALOT more! I am completely dedicated now to living and promoting a Vegan lifestyle, finding out how to, and encouraging others to preserve the environment and ….just generally trying to change the world haha So this blog will be updated quite frequently and I am also going to use my new youtube channel to upload video blogs talking about the latest news on veganism and enviromentalism [is that a word?] and giving my opinions and shit haha =] I would love for you to be involved in all of this with me, each and every one of you reading this can make a difference to our world and together we really can do it I promise, and I will be with you every step of the way!

Anyhoo so today is day 6 of veganism? I am still in the transition stage but am remaining positive and still seeing some results.. so surely the rest is yet to come =] .. I am suffering from bloating and eczema today quite badly but I also take into consideration the facts that I am on my period [too much information i apoligize!] and obviously my body is trying to detox 19 years of over eating dairy produce and shit so of course this is going to cause some reactive ailments.. [as anyone who ever detoxes will back me up]. BUT..I am definately seeing a positive improvement in my general wellbeing and attitude! I am full of energy, usually after a shift at working and a long walk home all I want to do is change into comfortable clothes and be a couch potatoe but today I have alot of stuff to do and I refuse to put it off and am quite happy to get it all done before I relax. Also my work colleague commented that I seemed to be in an extremely good mood today [ even though I did not have any particular reason to be, in fact I should be having mood swings and anxiety due to my ‘time of the month’] as I was singing and humming, bouncing around the store and happily and confidently chatting away to customers as if they were my old friends, which is quite unusual for me as I usually tend to keep myself to myself and avoid people at work. I agreed with her, I felt so happy and full of vitality I just could not stand in the corner and be quiet! So I am loving my new lease on life allready! Thanks veganism! ;]

So to all the people telling me I have made a silly decision to become Vegan, and think I should start eating ”real food” , you can all shut the hell up! I feel good and it is only going to get better and better and YOU should be the ones following MY example and listening to MY advice. Swapping your usual meat laden meal for veggie soup wont kill you and choosing a cup of herbal tea instead of your milk filled coffee will certainly benefit you as it does me. So i will refer you to my headline dear negative meat eaters…because you can keep your bad attitude and unintelligent opinions to yourself..I have a new,healthy and positive life to live. You can come along for the ride..just dont bring your junk food with you, I have some yummy wholefood bars for us to snack on ;]

Doo da doooooo… so there you go , blog number 3 hope you liked it, not much to say just a little reminder to all the meat eaters – you cant get me down. And to all the new vegans [like me] dont let em! =p  For my next blog I am researching the Fish shortage which has been brought to my attention, and am working on getting more interviews from inspirational people. I really want us all to have the best advice and information!

Who would you like me to interview? And would you watch my youtube videos? Until next time, love you all and remember you act with compassion and kindess. Peace xo


2 Responses to “Yeah ok baby you stick to your rainy day attitude..I’ve got sunshine and rainbows coming out of my arse…”

  1. SkinnyScorpio Says:

    You are so CUTE!!!

    It is truly wonderful seeing you dedicated to a cause and the vegan lifestyle.

    I am right there with you. Though I am still struggling with the transition, I know I have you by my side as support, my own personal cheerleader. And you know, I’m here to cheer you on as well. With my jade-colored pom-poms, just for you.

    And phooey to all those naysayers. Our bodies, our decision. If they want to eat their meat, FINE! Just don’t mock us for choosing to decline.

    P.S. I think you should totally start a YouTube vlog. I am constantly on YouTube, watching vids. I will definitely watch your vids.

    Looking forward to your next post.

  2. littlemissgoodintention Says:

    Aww Crystal! I absoloutely adore you! You are so sweet and I am so glad we are friends! I am very lucky to have you by my side girlie! You are amazing and I will always be your personal cheerleader whenever you need someone to dance and chant and encourage you haha!
    love you xo

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