Every silver lining has a cloud….

Hey there, thanks to everyone who read my interview with Happy Herbivore I hope you enjoyed it and found her answers helpful, I know I did! Let me apoligize for being missing in action this past week or so, the internet will be switched on at my house on the 29th so until then im working off my sidekick and my brothers computer. Therefore communication is not secure. Come the 29th you wont get rid of me haha!

Anyhoo….. Its sunday afternoon. Im snuggled up in my brothers house, drinking red bull, cuddling priscilla the kitty [this is an Elvis fanatic household..], watching Friends reruns and wondering what I can eat here in a house that is dominated by my meat munching brother with his kitchen full of carcus’ …        I’m here alone because Danny [brother] is at what we english folk call a ‘stag’ weekend, and Laura [his girl/ my ‘sis’] is at her mothers with my nephew. I came over early this morning after waking up to my mother drinking and shouting abuse at 8am. I would feel sorry for myself writing that last sentence if it wern’t for the fact I have a safe haven here which makes me very lucky. Some people don’t have that. I also, in a very twisted way ,  apreciate having a substance abusing mother who hates me. I look at her and see everything I never want to be and this gives me the inspiration and motivation to be everything she is not. I want to be a good person, loving and inspirational, someone others can look to for guidance and help. I want to be in control of myself and what I put into my body. I get this from being a herbivore. Strange, you may think, that my mother would inspire [of all things] a change in diet..but i see it as a change in lifestyle, a message to my self and otheres that I care about myself  enough to monitor what I put inside my body. Maybe you don’t get it. Maybe you think I’m odd. Or just maybe you understand me completely. I’d like to hop the latter is the truth at least for one you reading this.

Any way, today is day 3 of my new vegan diet. I want the message of this blog to be this:  Veganism is a big change in lifestyle. I don’t mean to deter people from making the decision to go vegan, the opposite in fact, I want to simply warn you that for some..in fact many..it will be a difficult transition. At first. I want you to know this and understand my headline ”Every silver lining has a cloud” because I don’t want you to go into this and think its easy, realise it isn’t and give up right away. Understand that your body needs time to come to terms with the change in what your doing to it.

Yesterday morning I woke up and ran to the sink and vomited. Quite an extreme reaction I first thought, then i though  about it. Before friday my diet mainly consisted of cheese, yogurt and other dairy products. To take away what I would estimate was %75 of my food intake was obviously going to cause a bit of trouble within my digestive system. Today I am feeling better..not great..but better and I have faith that as each day goes by I will feel better and better and better..until I finally reach that point in which I will feel fantastic, full of energy and life, like I swore to myself I would when I made the decision to do this to myself.

Of course animals and their right to live happy healthy lives without being unfairly used for food was my first inspiration to go vegan..and the environment. But lets be honest we are all slightly selfish, I do not claim to be any different. My health has never been good. Im always tired, moody and getting sick. My skin is horendous and I needed a change. A drastic one. Cutting out bad foods like dairy made sense. So for the next few days or weeks or however long i don’t quite feel right, I will tell myself that this is the cloud stage and the silver lining stage is soon to come.

Soon enough I will be full of energy with glowing skin, the knowledge that I am saving animals and the environment. And most importantly that I am  a strong willed, good hearted person with self respect and unlimited amount of empathy for others. Unlike my mother.

Whatever motivates you. grab it, keep tight hold and carry it with you in the journey through the clouds and join me where you see the color silver. I will be waiting for you there with miso soup and fruit salad.  see you soon? =] xo


3 Responses to “Every silver lining has a cloud….”

  1. Chloe Says:

    Im vegie, but not complete vegan, its a hard transition too, and the “silver lining” will be ur skin will improve and you will start to feel better in yourself, i hope oneday i can be vegan i love animals and yes self reason fatty foods urrrh!
    Stay strong on this hun, it will be worth it

  2. littlemissgoodintention Says:

    thankyou chloe your so sweet and i apreciate you reading my blog =]
    you should be so proud of yourself for being veggie, i dont think people realise how much will goes into it and what we do for animals and the planet, im really enjoying going into veganism id love for you to join me, ill be finding/trying and posting recipes soon it would be awesome if you would try them with me and give me feedback. everything we do as herbivores is good on so many levels!
    much love xo

  3. SkinnyScorpio Says:

    Thanks for sharing, sweetheart.

    You are totally correct. The transition to veganism is difficult.

    The key is dedication.

    The journey to veganism may be bumpy but the end results make it worth while.

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