welcome to my world of good intentions and not so good actions..until now.

Well hello there readers, i want to thank you for taking the time to check out my first blog here on wordpress.com. I have been planning on having a blog for a while now but didnt want to have it be just some kind of stupid online diary entry , posting my random life stories for the world to see and talking crap. So this blog is dedicated to … Good intentions.

Good intentions, thats a good subject for a blog i think. Through this I will share with you all my opinions on the world and my ideas for changing it for the better. Together we can put our good intentions into action and make the world a nicer place to live in, one action and one person at a time. Thats more productive than me telling you what i had for beakfast thi morning right? [Coffee.. for those who want to know.]

So by agreeing to follow me on my journey into the world of self sacrifice, good causes, charity, activism and debate and so on.. you are signing up to put yourself out there, feel good about yourself and others, do something good for the rest of the world and be pro active.

Are you in? xo


2 Responses to “welcome to my world of good intentions and not so good actions..until now.”

  1. SkinnyScorpio Says:

    I’m in!!!!

    Such a great message. We all say we want to do better for the world, but not many of us follow through.

    I’ll enjoy following your journey to making the world a better place.

  2. Meg Says:

    I’m totally in ❤

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