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We are not naive little Dolls, we are the Action men of society.

October 31, 2009

I have been thinking about how my blog may look to people, what message I am sending out and if I am coming across the way I had hoped. I feared that I was being too negative which of course is the opposite of what this blog is mean to be. After thinking about I have came to the conclusion that the blog is good [blow my own horn or what ?]  yes, I am letting people know that I am suffering from bad skin right now and maybe they will link that to my new found veganism but if that is the case I am not bothered by it. I am a 19 year old girl with sensitive skin, I have suffered from eczema as a child and recently my skin has been in bad condition. It may be linked to my change it diet, though certainly not caused by veganism ..if that makes sense? What I mean by that is – cutting out dairy could not cause my skin to be bad, but my body reacting to a radical change could. Or it could be cause by my hormones,products, make up or even the cold weather. If after reading that last sentence you still blame veganism then you are stupid. I wont apoligize for name calling when it fits. If you are looking for an excuse to NOT go vegan you have came to the wrong place, I will not bash this lifestyle which i am CHOOSING to follow. I will simply be honest and let you know everything that i feel, see, experience or find out during my transition. I would hope that you could take the bad along with the good as I have.   As my headline states..”we are not naive little dolls, we are the action men of society.” we are not children anymore we are capable of making our own judgement and decisions and dealing with any consequences that may occur via out choices. I have chosen to do my part for the environment, help stop animals lives being ruined and wasted, I am choosing to take steps towards a better, healthier, happier life for me and am writing this blog to encourage you reading to do the same can you not see that?

So I am sat here drinking Milk Thistle herb water, rubbing chamomile on my face and reading up on detoxing [ which i will be doing soon if anyone is interested in joining me] and although my skin is super bad today I am not giving up and I refuse to let something so superficial get me down. I have to go to work and interact with people face to face, then I am going out with friends and will have to be around my beautiful girl friends all night. Usually this would bother me so much I would go back to bed, call in sick to work and not bother going out. But I wont do that today. No way. I love my job and I love helping people, so i will conceal my skin the best I can and get on with it. I will then give my self a facial tonight and do may make up as usual, go out and enjoy haloween with my friends who dont care what I look like. I am so lucky to have a job that I enjoy and friends who love me as much as I love them. I am not going to let a case of bad skin ruin those things for me today or ever. I have veganism to thank for this new change in attitude. You may not believe me but I know for sure. I now walk with my head high knowing I am strongwilled and compassionate and on my way to being healthier than ever. How could that not spark a positive attitude ?

WOW I talk a lot haha ! ok so I am going to go get ready for work. I hope you guys understood my message today and are feeling more encouraged to try Veganism. I hope that I have made you feel good about yourself if you wern’t already because none of us deserve to feel ugly. I love you all for reading thankyou so much for doing so, have  a fantastic Halloween! I love this time of year! Let me know what your plans are or how it goes? Let me know what you think about the blog. Send pictures of you halloween costumes. Comunicate!

Happy Halloween. xoxo


Yeah ok baby you stick to your rainy day attitude..I’ve got sunshine and rainbows coming out of my arse…

October 29, 2009

I know ..I know.. I could’nt have picked a classier title right? 

It feels so good to be sat at my table, sipping Dandelion Tea and typing away on my computer, as oposed to fumbling with the keypad on my sidekick like I have been while waiting for my internet connection to be fixed! So thanks to my brother figuring the whole thing out, I will be updating alot more…ALOT more! I am completely dedicated now to living and promoting a Vegan lifestyle, finding out how to, and encouraging others to preserve the environment and ….just generally trying to change the world haha So this blog will be updated quite frequently and I am also going to use my new youtube channel to upload video blogs talking about the latest news on veganism and enviromentalism [is that a word?] and giving my opinions and shit haha =] I would love for you to be involved in all of this with me, each and every one of you reading this can make a difference to our world and together we really can do it I promise, and I will be with you every step of the way!

Anyhoo so today is day 6 of veganism? I am still in the transition stage but am remaining positive and still seeing some results.. so surely the rest is yet to come =] .. I am suffering from bloating and eczema today quite badly but I also take into consideration the facts that I am on my period [too much information i apoligize!] and obviously my body is trying to detox 19 years of over eating dairy produce and shit so of course this is going to cause some reactive ailments.. [as anyone who ever detoxes will back me up]. BUT..I am definately seeing a positive improvement in my general wellbeing and attitude! I am full of energy, usually after a shift at working and a long walk home all I want to do is change into comfortable clothes and be a couch potatoe but today I have alot of stuff to do and I refuse to put it off and am quite happy to get it all done before I relax. Also my work colleague commented that I seemed to be in an extremely good mood today [ even though I did not have any particular reason to be, in fact I should be having mood swings and anxiety due to my ‘time of the month’] as I was singing and humming, bouncing around the store and happily and confidently chatting away to customers as if they were my old friends, which is quite unusual for me as I usually tend to keep myself to myself and avoid people at work. I agreed with her, I felt so happy and full of vitality I just could not stand in the corner and be quiet! So I am loving my new lease on life allready! Thanks veganism! ;]

So to all the people telling me I have made a silly decision to become Vegan, and think I should start eating ”real food” , you can all shut the hell up! I feel good and it is only going to get better and better and YOU should be the ones following MY example and listening to MY advice. Swapping your usual meat laden meal for veggie soup wont kill you and choosing a cup of herbal tea instead of your milk filled coffee will certainly benefit you as it does me. So i will refer you to my headline dear negative meat eaters…because you can keep your bad attitude and unintelligent opinions to yourself..I have a new,healthy and positive life to live. You can come along for the ride..just dont bring your junk food with you, I have some yummy wholefood bars for us to snack on ;]

Doo da doooooo… so there you go , blog number 3 hope you liked it, not much to say just a little reminder to all the meat eaters – you cant get me down. And to all the new vegans [like me] dont let em! =p  For my next blog I am researching the Fish shortage which has been brought to my attention, and am working on getting more interviews from inspirational people. I really want us all to have the best advice and information!

Who would you like me to interview? And would you watch my youtube videos? Until next time, love you all and remember you act with compassion and kindess. Peace xo

Every silver lining has a cloud….

October 25, 2009

Hey there, thanks to everyone who read my interview with Happy Herbivore I hope you enjoyed it and found her answers helpful, I know I did! Let me apoligize for being missing in action this past week or so, the internet will be switched on at my house on the 29th so until then im working off my sidekick and my brothers computer. Therefore communication is not secure. Come the 29th you wont get rid of me haha!

Anyhoo….. Its sunday afternoon. Im snuggled up in my brothers house, drinking red bull, cuddling priscilla the kitty [this is an Elvis fanatic household..], watching Friends reruns and wondering what I can eat here in a house that is dominated by my meat munching brother with his kitchen full of carcus’ …        I’m here alone because Danny [brother] is at what we english folk call a ‘stag’ weekend, and Laura [his girl/ my ‘sis’] is at her mothers with my nephew. I came over early this morning after waking up to my mother drinking and shouting abuse at 8am. I would feel sorry for myself writing that last sentence if it wern’t for the fact I have a safe haven here which makes me very lucky. Some people don’t have that. I also, in a very twisted way ,  apreciate having a substance abusing mother who hates me. I look at her and see everything I never want to be and this gives me the inspiration and motivation to be everything she is not. I want to be a good person, loving and inspirational, someone others can look to for guidance and help. I want to be in control of myself and what I put into my body. I get this from being a herbivore. Strange, you may think, that my mother would inspire [of all things] a change in diet..but i see it as a change in lifestyle, a message to my self and otheres that I care about myself  enough to monitor what I put inside my body. Maybe you don’t get it. Maybe you think I’m odd. Or just maybe you understand me completely. I’d like to hop the latter is the truth at least for one you reading this.

Any way, today is day 3 of my new vegan diet. I want the message of this blog to be this:  Veganism is a big change in lifestyle. I don’t mean to deter people from making the decision to go vegan, the opposite in fact, I want to simply warn you that for fact will be a difficult transition. At first. I want you to know this and understand my headline ”Every silver lining has a cloud” because I don’t want you to go into this and think its easy, realise it isn’t and give up right away. Understand that your body needs time to come to terms with the change in what your doing to it.

Yesterday morning I woke up and ran to the sink and vomited. Quite an extreme reaction I first thought, then i though  about it. Before friday my diet mainly consisted of cheese, yogurt and other dairy products. To take away what I would estimate was %75 of my food intake was obviously going to cause a bit of trouble within my digestive system. Today I am feeling better..not great..but better and I have faith that as each day goes by I will feel better and better and better..until I finally reach that point in which I will feel fantastic, full of energy and life, like I swore to myself I would when I made the decision to do this to myself.

Of course animals and their right to live happy healthy lives without being unfairly used for food was my first inspiration to go vegan..and the environment. But lets be honest we are all slightly selfish, I do not claim to be any different. My health has never been good. Im always tired, moody and getting sick. My skin is horendous and I needed a change. A drastic one. Cutting out bad foods like dairy made sense. So for the next few days or weeks or however long i don’t quite feel right, I will tell myself that this is the cloud stage and the silver lining stage is soon to come.

Soon enough I will be full of energy with glowing skin, the knowledge that I am saving animals and the environment. And most importantly that I am  a strong willed, good hearted person with self respect and unlimited amount of empathy for others. Unlike my mother.

Whatever motivates you. grab it, keep tight hold and carry it with you in the journey through the clouds and join me where you see the color silver. I will be waiting for you there with miso soup and fruit salad.  see you soon? =] xo

2 blogs in 1 day? its because my middle name is ‘lucky bastard’.

October 18, 2009

Well it has to be. My blog hasn’t been up a full day and i’ve had only 15 views. Yet… I managed to score us an interview with the amazing Happy Herbivore [real name Lindsay]. This girl is epic, she is a vegan blogger gently encouraging the world to take on a more animal/enviroment friendly lifestyle, one tweet at a time! She is cute, intelligent, inspiring and friendly and has a huge following to prove it! Lindsay was kind enough to take the time to answer some questions for me.  I tried to ask questions that not only I wanted answers for but answers to questions i thought would be helpful to aspiring veggies. I hope you enjoy the interview.


how long have you been a herbivore and what sparked the decision?

I decided to be a vegetarian at age 7 and was a vegetarian for most of my life. I lapsed back to omnivore in my late teens but returned to vegetarianism in my early 20s. I was a vegetarian for about a year when I went vegan, almost three years ago.

how was the transition into an animal friendly lifestyle like for you ?
when I stop being a vegetarian in high school (due to peer pressure) i gained weight, developed acne and had horrible mood swings. I was so upset by this that I started dieting and later starving myself. It was a horrible vicious cycle that continued until I went veg again. Once I returned to vegetarianism, I lost weight and I was happy — I felt and saw a real change in my body and spirit. When I was eating meat I just generally felt unwell and had digestive disorders and struggles with food — that all went away once I returned to a plant-based diet.

cutting out meat was very easy for me, so was giving up dairy and eggs. The hardest part was the social aspect but generally, it was a positive experience, I had a lot of support and as the years have gone by many of my friends and family members have made the switch too.
what do you consider to be the benefits of this lifestyle?
there are so many! it’s the single best thing you can do for your health, the planet and for all living creatures — animals and humans. If the world went vegetarian, there would be no more world hunger.
any downsides at all?
it can be difficult when traveling, but proper planning prevents that — but otherwise, no. Going veg is the best decision I will ever make.
what is your attitude towards encouraging the lifestyle on others?
I believe in leading by example. I call it being “compassionately quiet.” I try not to judge people or be militant about it. I’ve talked at length about this in my article, “From Vegangelical to Yogini”

what would you say to persuade someone to try going vegetarian?
I do advocate a vegan diet but people have to make changes for themselves because they want to, not because I’m pushing them to. I try to tell people about all the benefits… how healthy it is, how eating meat and dairy causes cancer and other conditions, how it can end world hunger, how it can save the earth, how awful it is for the animals, etc etc. There are so many compelling and important reasons for going vegan that once you really here them you can’t live any other way. 
what is your favourite veggie meal/food?
There really isn’t anything I don’t like! It’s wonderful. I eat a wider variety of food now as a vegan than I ever did as an omnivore. I was such a picky eater and now I’ll try anything as long as it’s vegan. I’ve also discovered a lot of amazing ingredients and cuisines I don’t think I’d have been open to as an omni. Being a vegan chef makes it impossible to narrow down just one food or ingredient, but I live and die for all my recipes.
who do consider to be good role models within the vegetarian community?
There are a lot of vegan celebrities like Alicia Silverstone and vegan athletes like Brendan Brazier that inspire me every single day. When I first went veg I’d spend hours on the international vegetarian union’s ( website that lists 100s if not 1000s of famous vegans and vegetarians – both alive and no longer with us. It was amazing to see how many people are compassionate like me but have gone and done astounding things with their life too.. then again, there are 1000s of ordinary vegheads who are role models for just being the great people they are.
what are your tips for someone interested in living a lifestlye that is unharmful to animals and the environment?
If you want to help the environment and animals the best thing you can do is adopt a vegan diet. Not only will you be leaving a lighter foot print on the earth, you’ll be saving more than 80 animals each year from slaughter. You will also be voting with your dollar. If you don’t think one less meatless meal doesn’t matter, think again. EVERY meatless meal matters. Every time you don’t buy an animal product — milk, dairy, cheese makes a statement. One person can make a difference and the best way you change foster change is by voting with your dollars.
And lastly, any other message youd like to send out to beginner veggies?
Find a local veg meetup in your area, join forums, twitter, blogging — you are not alone. We are here for you.
 Well there you go readers, what a fantastic interview! I feel very lucky to have been given the oppurtunity to ask someone so ‘in the know’ questions that can help inspire you all to make the change to vegetarianism/veganism.  I hope you feel well spoken for when it comes to the questions i asked and found the answers as helpful as i did! If you’d like to learn more about our veggie of the moment check her out at or follow her on twitter at =] thanks lindsay for all your help your so cool!
peace out! xo

welcome to my world of good intentions and not so good actions..until now.

October 18, 2009

Well hello there readers, i want to thank you for taking the time to check out my first blog here on I have been planning on having a blog for a while now but didnt want to have it be just some kind of stupid online diary entry , posting my random life stories for the world to see and talking crap. So this blog is dedicated to … Good intentions.

Good intentions, thats a good subject for a blog i think. Through this I will share with you all my opinions on the world and my ideas for changing it for the better. Together we can put our good intentions into action and make the world a nicer place to live in, one action and one person at a time. Thats more productive than me telling you what i had for beakfast thi morning right? [Coffee.. for those who want to know.]

So by agreeing to follow me on my journey into the world of self sacrifice, good causes, charity, activism and debate and so on.. you are signing up to put yourself out there, feel good about yourself and others, do something good for the rest of the world and be pro active.

Are you in? xo