happy 2011

January 9, 2011

I haven’t blogged in months :/ ah well Hapy New Year  everyone and i hope you enjoyed christmas =]

I spent christmas with my parents this year [booooooo] but made up for it by spending new years eve with laura and the baby. =] 2011 has been good so far, ive been eating really healthily and getting to work almost on time haha and ive been much more social and optimistic =]

If you follow me on twitter you witnessed my drunken tweeting haha. Last night i went to my brother Shauns engagement party. My older brother Danny and his girlfriend Laura picked me up and we went together [while Laura and i downed Vodka on the way haha ] and we had a good time for all of 10 minutes. We hadnt even been served at the bar before one of my mothers drunk friends came over and started annoying Danny, but being a gentleman he didnt argue or walk away he just forced a smile and was very polite to her. Then we got our drinks and ‘escaped’ outside for a cigarette and before one was even lit, my mother and her friend came outside and made nuisances of themselves. It would take me too long to go into why Danny doesnt speak to my mother but the short of it is – shes a bitch, she lied to him, ruined his life and does nothing but embarass him and cause him trouble. Anyhoo , so my mum starts crying and her friend stumbles on to her high horse and trash talks danny and forces him to hug my mother which he did to be polite and avoid conflict. My mother cried some more and shaun and i were stood watching her sob all over danny. Danny and Laura decided to be the bigger people and left, you see if they had stayed it would have left to danny losing his temper over being forced to reconsile his differences with mum and everyone would have argued and it would have ruined shauns night. Luckily my mum wasnt left off the hook because everyone got mad at her for being the reason danny left. She continued to get drunk and vomit in the middle of the pub. So me and shaun and katy got drunk, did kareoke and went to a club. The end.

Anyway, right now i am uplaoding new music on to my bb and trying to wrok out my online banking :/ Tommorow I am going to the gym finally to get back into it [i want to lose like 50lbs] and later this week i have to go have surgery bleaugh. I have a couple more nights out this month and then its february. ooooh what a thrilling life i lead haha i dont know why you bother to follow :p

How was everyones holidays? M xx


heaven has a vegan deli right?

November 12, 2010

Hey everyone! I found the italics button ;]

So right nooooow I am curled up on Declans floor playing on his macbook [i am most definately getting one of these suckers!] and occupying myself [tweeting ten to the dozen] while he doodles [finishes his designs for uni] and listening to music [he has lush taste in music! in the last 20 minutes my ears have been treated to BRMC, Nirvana, Paramore and No doubt and the cardigans haha.] .

It’s so nice to be here, it took me like 9 hours to get here haha but to be fair it only cost me £20 for my bus tickets to London and that’s getting me back to Stockton next week! So worth the long journey as it means we have more money to play with =]  There’s alot of things making me happy about being here, of course it’s great to have some time off work and get out of my little hometown, it’s a nice break and London is lovely, seeing Declan is great – especially down here in his other world and getting to see him work, i love his room and am enjoying going through all his stuff haha his drawings and his amazing clothes! It’s so good to be around so much art and inspiration and of course being in fashion he has a cool wardrobe haha!

Yesterday we stumbled across a Wholefoods market! I was super excited as they are to my knowledge quite rare within the uk and there are certainly none around my area! We went in and I was in HEAVEN! Yes… I asume Heaven has vegan cheesecake and Coconut water. I bought a reusable bag to carry my purchases and intend to use to encourage me to get back into buying healthy food again and carry on with my healthy eating. I am super excited to start when i get home, 2011 will really be the year I start to focus on food, start my nutritional courses and get some qualifications, get healthy again and back  to where i was, enjoy cooking and food, learn and have fun with it all!

And hopefully a wholefoods will open near my town so I dont have to travel all this way to get groceries or bribe declan to bring me back my tofu supply haha!

Where do you guys shop for food? M x

Just your average post about humping…

November 7, 2010

Hello there everyone, excuse me while I straddle my chair for this post..haha ok I’m done with the humping thing…

So today I  have been thinking about humps. Not the semi sexual type or the kind that quassymodo or my nana have on their backs. No I am talking about the 3 day humps. Supposedly the body takes only 3 days to adapt, or is it the mind? According to ceratain foodles [people involved in the science behind food..they may or may not like noodles..] it takes 3 days for food to leave your body and therefore a 3 day detox or fast can be good for your health and wasitline. So does this work with all body ailments i wonder [cue declan and i giggling at the carrie bradshaw referance ;p] , if you drink copious amounts of water for 3 days will you see results in your skin? If you take a cocktail of immune boosting supplements for 3 days will you become supernaturally immune to illness?

It’s also said that it takes 3 days to get over nicotine addiction. If so why are their so many stop smoking aids available and why do people find it so hard to kick the habit? Surely,also, the same would apply to alcohol and drugs? If you went 3 days without them your addiction would be cured? Hard to believe.

A youtuber said in a haircare video that she washes her hair every 3 days because any more and the hair will become dry from not being able to benefit from the scapls natural oils and any more it will become too greasy. With so many people having so many different opinions on how often you should shampoo your hair it is hard to know who is talking sense. Her opinion is stuck in my head nonetheless.

So I’m thinking maybe, as with most things, it’s all in our heads? Maybe it’s changing our habits for 3 days that tricks our minds? Its all phsycological? What do you think?

Shall we try some experimenting? 3 days of fasting/detoxing, 3days of a certain diet or giving up a specific food or drink, 3 days without ciggarettes or alcohol, 3 days of unwashed hair, 3 days without a specific habit or hobbie..who wants to try?

Volunteers and opinions welcome.  =] thanks for reading my muddled thoughts once again, monster mashing maggie xo

another post from the big haired crazy. =]

November 2, 2010

Hi there readers, browsers, friends and other imaginary folk I beleive read this. =] Happy November to you all! Can you believe how quickly this year has gone? It’s quite sad really that the year is ending and I feel I haven’t really acomplished much, but I hope 2011 will be more eventful and successful for me and maybe this feeling of unaccomplishment right now will spur me on in the new year. I even have my first new years resolution! Well to be honest I should really start it now unless I want to start the new year bald. I need to start brushing my hair haha! Honestly as I sit here right now I am fondling in my hair what feels like a giant squirre. In actual fact it is a big mass of kots and curls. Recently as my hair as been getting much longer and my curls becoming more defined and ringlet like, my hair care regime has involved washing on an evening, leaving to dry over night and brushing maybe once a week, ‘styling the mess’ with a bit of frizzease and hairspray for work. On a lucky day I can get away with it as it may be interpreted as a kind of cool hippy curly retro statement. But as the brushing is becoming less frequent and the hair is becoming larger and fluffier, I fear I resemble a crazy cat lady who has her feline friends roaming free in her hair. So perhaps i should befriend my brush a little sooner than in 2 months time haha.

Anyway enough about my wig. I want to chat about one of my favourite things [sadly enough thats not an exageration] …supplements. =] Working in Holland & Barrett I get paid to help people find the right supplements for them and spend most of my shift simultaneously learning and educating people about the some thousand supplememnts on offer. I of course go home with multiple bottles of pills and potions which causes distress to my mother as she cannot open a drawer or cupboard with vitamins and oils flying out at her. But I honestly believe in the benefits of nutrional supplements. Wether they work scientifically or mentally with a placebo effect, it doesn’t bother me as the end result is the same. They work. So I have alot of various pills , some that I swear by, some I only use occasionally and some I am still testing. So as I start up blogging again and continue to learn and talk about health and nutrition and all that fabulous junk, I will be sharing with you some of my favourite supplements and giving reviews on these types of products. If anyone has any pills that they take and would like to talk about please let me know! Or if you would like me to suggest anything you could take to treat any ailments just call me Nurse Maggie. Well you dont have to call me that haha just ask.

Also I have encouraged my good friend Meg to start blogging and I am really excited to see what she comes out with! I really want to encourage people to blog more, I know we live in the age of facebook and twitter etc but I don’t see alot of good blogs lately. The type where people sit at the computer and write a full article as ooposed to 140 characters. So if you have a blog or know of any good ones or want to start up a new one please link me =]

more from me soon , maggie may =] xo

[sings demi lovato in a squeeky voice] this is meeeee haha

October 16, 2010

hello there everyone , hope you’re well =] i haven’t blogged for a whil but goodness me you must know what i’m like by now haha! but i miss it so i’m starting it up again.

so at the moment i am at my auntys house, the one i used to live with , sat in the kitchen playing on my cousin lils computer while she cleans haha i am THE  best babysitter right? ;p

i’m in a good mood right now because i feel like lately i am coming in to my own which is a marvelous feeling and one i never thought i would experience. i finally feel like i am figuring out who i am and what i want! instead of trying to be someone else i am finally starting to see things from my own point of view and i love it! sick of trying to please people that can never be pleased and working so hard and doing it with no thanks. now it’s all about me and what makes me happy. my family. my real friends. my career and what i want to be and do. i’m figuring out what i like and dont like as aposed to going along with what other people want. and i am finally forgiving myself for not being what i try to be.

i love this feeling =]

magpie x

Q&A with Christina =]

September 12, 2010

Ok so this blog post is way over due! But you guys know what I am like for procrastination haha, but I finally got round to it so here we go..

I decided to start doing Q&A’s with interesting people as I really enjoyed my first one with Happy Herbivore =] So when the lovely Christina a Vegan I met on twitter agreed to answer some questions for me I was super pleased! I really found her answers to be helpful and I hope that you guys reading will too! So enjoy..

1. How long have you been a veggie and what sparked the decision?
I went vegetarian when I was 14. I went to a friends house and read a bunch of animal rights leaflets, and something just clicked in my head.
I acted really childishly- went home and refused to eat the dinner which my Mum had lovingly prepared. I remember it so clearly- chinese food. Chicken and cashew nuts, egg fried rice, noodles. I told her I would only be eating the noodles and rice- I was a stubborn teenager! I went through a short phase of eating fish, but by 15 I was fully vegetarian.
Then when I got a bit older, around 19, I started to think about veganism. I read up about it, and again something clicked. However something inside of me thought that I just couldn’t do it. Cheese and chocolate were too strong factors, and I left my vegan thoughts aside for a while. They kept nagging at me though, and I started speaking to friends who were vegan. The feedback was only positive, and after doing some research I turned vegan the day after my 20th birthday, and have been vegan for five years now.
2. How do you feel being veggie has benefited you?
Being young and vegetarian meant that I didn’t cook for myself, and the vegetarian choices were limited. Seriously, ten years ago the veggie options were sparse! However, turning vegan has opened up a new world of cooking. Because I couldn’t buy pre made food I had to make things from scratch- and I loved it! It means I eat healthily, control what goes into my food more, and try new things all the time!
3. Do you ever fall off the wagon or feel tempted to and if so what do you do to avoid temptation?
Never. When you really want to do something, when it’s something you really believe in, you’re never tempted. I have friends who have eaten super friendly eggs- from friends chickens etc, and I am tempted to try a happy egg. But at the same time, the idea really freaks me out!
4. Do you live with/ know any other veggies?
I’m very lucky that my partner is vegan, and my sister is also vegan. Most of my friends are either vegan or vegetarian- but I also have a lot of meat eating friends, I don’t discriminate! I love being part of a vegan couple, and couldn’t imagine it any other way.

5. Where do you go for your groceries? And how often do you have to shop and how much do you spend usually? (Ignore that if its too cheeky)
I love to shop in health food stores, and living in Brighton, I’m very lucky to have plenty of choice! In terms of supermarkets I buy basics from Sainsburys, and love to treat myself in M&S and Waitrose. We have an amazing shop called Taj here, which is an ethical food shop and it sells everything that I love. Vegan cheeses, meats, japanese food, samosas, huge bags of spices. It’s brilliant! Each week is different, and I tend to shop day by day as I never really know how much I’m going to be able to eat. Some days I can eat a big meal, others I will go for days without eating. Now that I live with my partner the fridge is a bit more well stocked!

6. What is your favourite veggie food?
Houmous. I would marry houmous. I would like to swim in a pool of chickpea goodness and eat my way out, it is AMAZING.

7. Do you feel its easy to be veggie on the go?
It can take a little planning, but by now I’ve learnt where I can and can’t buy food, which makes it quicker. When we travel, my boyfriend and I go onto happycow.net, and print out all of the vegan cafes, restaurants and health food stores in the city that we’re visiting, so we’re very prepared!

8. What do you do when youre invited for dinner?
I’m lucky that a lot of my friends are veggie/ vegan or very accustomed to vegan cuisine! I have been to dinner parties where the host has messed up and added butter to the pasta, but these things happen and there’s usually the means to rustle up a quick salad!

9. Do you have any favourite veggie celebs or quotes?
Sarah Kramer and Isa Chandra are two amazing ladies who write brilliant cookbooks. Isa’s Vegan Brunch is fantastic. Natalie Portman is a very cool vegan lady too!
I don’t tend to idolise people, but when I met Dan Yemon, and gave him some vegan chocolate, that was a pretty cool moment!

10. Do you have any goals involving your herbivorism?
I would like to raise vegan children, but I will need to do a lot more research for this. I would also like to continue to be vegan for as long as I can!

11. What would you say to people considering a veggie lifestyle or to those who are trying to do it but finding it difficult?
Address why it is that you’re finding it difficult. Are parents/ friends making it difficult for you? Is it hard to find nice vegan alternatives in your area? Make it absolutely clear in your head WHY you want to be veggie/ vegan. This will remind you everytime you are tempted, why you are doing this.
Log onto websites like veganstore.co.uk and look up Vx’s online ordering system and treat yourself to some amazing vegan products. Travel to cities if you can’t experience amazing vegan cuisine near to you. Dribble over Ms Cupcake’s amazing cakes! And take it one step at a time. It’s your decision and your body, no one else is impacted by what goes into your mouth, so make your own choices! Your body will love you for it!

Wow! So I am loving Christina now – not only is the girl extremely sweet and helpful, she loves houmous! How can anyone not love a girl who wants to form a romance with chickpeas? So I really want to thank Christina for answering my questions, I for one really apreciated her views and will be checking out the websites she mentioned for sure! Hope you guys enjoyed it to, i want feedback please =]

Magdalena =] xo

Join in ! =]

September 3, 2010

Nah nah naheeeey! Haha if you know who Ndubz are you’ll know what thats all bout ,  I’m channeling Dappy today :p

So hi there folks! I meant to write this blog like 4 days ago but you know what I’m like for procrastinating! I’m back at my house now after house and cat sitting for my older brother. I had a really good time having the house to myself to get some peace and entertain friends. I felt kind of grown up ‘running’ the house and looking after the cat too, it was kind of like a tester of what may be to come. Plus his shower works haha, mines been broke forever! So it was nice to take showers everyday instead of baths. Priscilla the cat ended up liking me too! Maybe because I was in charge of feeding her… but yeah she likes me now which is a big thing cos she’s evil and hates everyone. So now I’m back at my house it’s time to resume the game. There’s still a lot to do in regards to cleaning up this wreck! My room is looking a little better now I’ve painted over the sugar pink and jade green walls and removed all the magazine tear outs and posters, but I still need to add some cool stuff and storage thingies. The Kitchen needs fixing up and the bathroom is in need of doing especially now I have experienced showers again haha mine needs fixing quick! I also am back to working on my mother, I took her out yesterday and picked out an outfit for her to wear to a family wedding, getting her back into the family circle is crucial to getting her back to recovery so she has to look presentable. I have also introduced her to Tofu which is a good thing because her health is ridiculous so we need to work on that majorly! My brother is at court next week for sentencing so I need to write a reference in his defence and support him as much as I can. I haven’t spoken to my dad for over a month now but my mum says he needs surgery but won’t do it as it will take time from work. I am trying to calmly point out to them that if he doesnt have the surgery he will never work again :/ nobody listens to me.

So apart from all that family and house junk I am sick 😦 I have some dental problems and have been refered to a specialist but in the meantime the dentist gave me a second set of antibiotics. Not happy. The first set had no affect on the problem they just made me sicker. The new ones are stroger and nastier and I feel much much worse. But I am hoping they actually work in the end. They’re causing my skin to break out majorly, upsetting my stomcah to a ridiculous degree and draining me of energy. Being in nutrition [even in the early stages] I know that antibiotics are not too fabulous for you , yes they [supposedly] cure infections but they kill the good bacteria as well as the bad so thats not fun for your body. I got some Acidophilus to put the good bacteria back in but its not doing as much as the antibiotics. Oh well we shall see what happens there. Ok so I have bored you with half my problems haha I want to talk to you about some positive stuff =]

I’ve decided I want to turn this blog into more than just an online diary. I want to turn it into a kind of webzine for people interested in nutrition and food and eating disorders and herbivorism etc. So I am going to grab certain people and do Q&A’s with them! I was super lucky to get Happy Herbivore to do one with me when I first started theblog and it went down well so I am continuing with a lovely lady from twitter who I talked to via email just the other day. I will type up her answers and post them later maybe tonight. =] Apart from the question and answer posts I will be blogging about different supplements, healht foods, diets and maybe reviewing certain products too. This should be fun.

Alsooooo, inspired by my future husband #264 the lovely Mr Joseph Gordon Levitt..I want to make this blog open to other people. Kind of like hit record.org but more nutrition based and not as popular i guess haha! So I want interviewers and interviewees, people to do reviews on supplements/superfoods/health books etc, people with stories on eating disorders/special nutritional needs, recipes, photos of foods you cook and all that type of stuff. I want this to be a fun blog we can all be a part of. =] So if you want to get involved just let me know – comment on here , tweet me at @misguidedmaggie or email me at magdalenarhinehart@gmail.com =]

lots of love and hugs magpie =] xo

August 23, 2010

Hi there! First of all i have to hang my head in shame at the fact I haven’t blogged in months! But I’m back! I hear all 3 of you cheer haha!

Anyhoo, updates on my life. Well at the moment I am typing this on my brothers laptop at his house, I am super excited as I get to stay here all week on my own while he is away on holiday! I get the whole house to myself, get to sleep in a double bed, take showers [my shower has been broken for like 7 fricking years!] , do whatver I want whenever I want, have anyone I want over and basically get a taste of freedom for a week! All I have to do in return is keep the house safe and clean and take care of the cat…the cat I seem to have misplaced..I’m sure she’ll turn up haha!

Whatelse is new? Well I turned 20 on Monday. Had a lovely day and visited family and hung out with friends, I share my birthday with both my Grandmothers so I went to see them too and just generally had a nice day..except I spent my money on a bad hairdo that morning then literally an hour later decided I want to go back to blonde. From jet black with red underneath. I could vomit. Anyway apart from having the week off and spending it with friends and family and having a good time, redecorating my room to get rid of the pink and green walls and posters to make it more ‘grown up’, I made a decision.  I decided to make my 20th birthday the day I finally went Vegan forever. As you know I have tried Veganism like 3 times. You’ve followed me in and out of it, so you must know that I am all for the lifestyle and desperately want to make it my lifestyle but have struggled with it and failed time again? Well I decided to just do it. No arguing with myself. No do overs. No little cheats. No loopholes. No nothing. On 16th August 2010 I turned Vegan and I NEVER intend to turn back. That’s it now. =]  So it’s been a week now and I must say it’s alot easier this time. Before it seemed as though I was testing myself kind of. Or maybe I didnt take it seriously. But now that I have decided it is a part of me its a lot simpler. No vegan food around me? Well then I don’t eat til I get a chance to get some. Craving cheeze pizza or chocolate? If i dont have any vegan substitutes then it’s tough luck. Eating out? No vegan no eat. Peer pressure? Eff em. I’m loving it! And I ordered Alicia Silverstones The Kind Diet book and Food Inc on dvd as a birthday gift to myself. So expect to read alot more blogposts on veganism and perhaps reviews on the recipes and stuff?

Anything else new? Hmm not really haha but hey whats more interesting that my new lifestyle huh?

Anyhoo I’ve been sat here typing and watching E news and drinking cold coffee too long.. i should go find the cat.

Good to be back =] Hope you enjoy my blogging. Maggie xo

11.11 I dont want to be perfect, I just want to be me again.

May 6, 2010

This is my first blog post in a while.

It’s 11.11am. I am sat at my computer in silence, drinking Green Tea with Ginseng, tapping away and procrastinating when I should be upstairs getting ready for work. But right now all i want to do is write this post. To you the reader who may be curious as to what I am about to say, and for me. I am just as curious.

It’s hard to look back at my old posts and read about the girl I was. I was so sure of myself and so full of energy and life and hope. Now I am merely a ghost of that girl. And why? Because of a fucking Happy Meal! I know – what  a joke. Well it shouldn’t be called a Happy Meal because I’m not very happy at all. So the story is..I was doing real well with my Veganism. But for some reason I started to feel the need to rebel. Against myself! I know its sounds so dumb. It is dumb. I started to resent the fact that I was unable to eat what I wanted. Actully no thats not the case entirely because truth be told I was never a fan of meat to begin with. How do I explain this? I’ve been trying not to think about it so it’s hard to write it down. I hated that I was making myself give up things. I didn’t like being told I couldn’t have something, even if I didn’t really want that something it was the principle of it , you know? So one day after weeks of obsessing i went to McDonalds and had a Happy Meal.  No fireworks went off, no orgasms or cries of joy. Itwas a burger nothing more nothing less. But that thrill of knowing that I shouldn’t have eaten it was addictive. So i went on a downward selfdestructive spiral of meat eating. Eating food I didnt like just because I told myself I could and that no one could stop me. I did it for the satisfaction of knowing their were no rules anymore. Well was it wrth it? FUCK NO! I am now back up to 156lbs! I am always tired, my migraines are back, my skin is bad and my mind is a whole other story. Yeah I am now in a place where I have no rules but I don’t feel free. I am now  a prisoner of my own greed and selfishness. I have no self control, no motivation , nothing. I desperately want to go back to who I was.

But it isn’t that simple. Not really. Because ok, eating vegan food is easy, once you source your ingredients and learn what to do with them, the food is great and it makes you look and feel great. Veganism is amazing for countless reasons. It’s getiing your head around it that is the hard work. Telling yourself you have to stay away from certain things. It’s like tellung a child not to touch that big red button. They want to touch it even  more when they shouldn’t. you know what I mean? I want to go back to Veganism but I dont feel mentally strong enough to fight with myself. On top of that I am terrified of failure. I fell so hard this time and am still trying to fin my way back up. Can i risk this again?

I supose i have no choice really. I can’t stay here forever. I need to atleast try. But I can’t make any promises. I can’t call myself a Vegan and put myself into that category with the people who are so sortong, so self asured, the ones who never relapse or fail. I can’t pretend to be one of those people. I am just me. I simply have the good intention, I am still trying to find the will power, the strength of mind and the determination to stick to it and say no to the devil as it were.

But now I’m writing it out it all seems clearer. I feel better for getting it out their and confessing it all. I feel better for letting myself admit that I failed.

I want to try again. I cant make promises and I can’t say I wont rebel but thats not the point. I am not trying to be prefect. I am just trying to be me again.

Thankyou so much for reading, i hope to update more =]

lots of love Magdalena Rhinehart. xx

ok im off to get ready for work! =]

Just an update =]

March 21, 2010

Hi there ladybugs and gentlemugs =] Hope everyone is healthy and happy! Thanks for coming over, help yourself to imaginary Tea and Cake and pop yourslef down on a big comfy cushion as i type out todays blog =]

Soooo at this moment in time im sick. Boooooo! Yes yes I am sick once again. This time i think its either a very nasty Virus or the dreaded Measles! My brother is sick too and is convinced Measles is his ailment and my mother has been a bit off color too. Ive had some kind of rash on my face and puffy eyes which i first put down to an allergic reaction to something or eczema. But I now have a rash on my body and am suffering from extreme tiredness, headaches and nausea. Whatever this is I’m not loving it. So being the herbal junkie I am I have been stuffing myself full of pills like Garlic, Echinacea, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Multivits and Minerals, Omegas, EPOs…you name it i’ve probably popped it this weekend! I had to take the day off work Saturday but I can’t afford to take the next week off so I shall have to soldier on. As if it wasn’t shiteous enough, I can’t visit my family Danny and Laura and Ronnie! If you know me well you know that these people are my life. My real family. My home. My everything. So it sucks that I can’t see them until I am in better health but it has to be this way as I obviously don’t want them getting sick especially Ronnie as he is only a kid. So wish me back to health please friends! I crave to be back to where I was a few months ago. I was fully Vegan and in the best health I have ever been! But if you have been following me you will know that I kind of spiraled out of control in pretty much every aspect of my life recently and Veganism unfortunatley took a leave of absence. Which leads me to my next topic..

I spent some time with my BFF Declan while he was up here recently. He is an amazing person – so beautiful inside and out and knows me better than I know myself. He has really helped me see tat allthough I lost my way I can find my path again and that’s what I’m doing. After talking it through with him I realised that moving to London HAS to happen. No ifs. No buts. I also realised that make up is not my passion. I am going to continue on in Nutrition and hopefully end up working in the field higher up than I am now, and hopefully soon will practise what i preach! I have learned that I am not one of these people who gets things done as soon as they set their mind to it. I am  a flake. I am unmotivated. I get lost easily. When I fall I find it hard to pick myself up and stay up. This is me. But I am trying to et back up and one of the things I need to work on is my health. I know so much about nutrition and diet and fitness, hell I get paid to teach it! But following it is harder than talking about it. I need to practise what I preach. So i am going to start again getting healthy. I will fall. I will binge and purge. I wil eat meat and feel terrible about it. But I will get over it and start again and again and again until I succeed and get to the point where I can say no and mean no.

I hope this is all making sense. Its hard to rearrange the thoughts in my head haha!

But basically I am telling you that I am getting back on track. I hope that you guys understand that I am not perfect and don’t claim to be. I am just me. Thanks for loving me anyway ;]

Love and Light Magdalena xo